Is this a virus - and is this program legitimate??

  theDarkness 00:09 14 Jun 2010

I found a utility from click here

Its to get the vista/7 toolbar working in XP! i thought i would try it out, so I did. it did not install properly first time round, but I got it working finally (I had installed in the wrong order I think), but heres my picture 10 seconds later by avira! :(
click here

avira "finds viruses", and interestingly I have two sidebar processes from the installation, as mentioned here
click here

the 'malware' is found by avira as "sidebar.exe" and a file in the temp folder that the sidebar creates, called "TR/Patched". If these are false positives, then why does the program have two sidebar processes anyway, and why would that site above state what it does (steals your email addresses and send out dodgy mail etc)?

I thought I would add it to their comments (my first link)... but 20 mins ago it would seem to have been deleted! Supposedly this is a legit site, so what do you think? PS DO NOT INSTALL THE PROGRAM unless you have ALL your files backed up and are willing to take a risk with your machine (like I do on a frequent basis, lol) ;) Im surprised they did not reply to the comment I made, simply deleting it from their site does not seem very trustworthy at all

  birdface 07:19 14 Jun 2010

As far as I can make out you will have two Sidebars in Taskmanager.

Maybe update and give malwarebytes a try to see if it finds any problems.

click here

Seems TR/Patched can cause problems according to google.

maybe your best bet would be to follow the directions for this forum.

click here

They will be able to clean up your computer but it may take a bit of time as they are always busy.

  theDarkness 14:45 14 Jun 2010

Its my old xp system i was installing/testing it on, there was nothing on it that wasnt backed up already, so I was safe. I have adaware,malwarebytes, spywareblaster and avira already updated, so I will give the system a full scan now since ive uninstalled the "vista sidebar". If you search around, it would seem to have been written by a very young guy - 22 at the time I think, "Joshoon" who is at click here

perhaps the above site was simply offended if it is legit. no doubt modifying certain windows files could trigger some malware programs, that should no doubt be expected-but ive definately gotten rid of the sidebar now. It DID work in XP, but obviously only for the non vista system related tools such as the clock and notebook, and it kept locking up (that couldve been the reason for two sidebar.exes, if I had tried to restart it at any time during-and XP was slow in understanding this)? It obviously wasnt kept up to date or made easy/safe to use though-a one off student project perhaps! ;)

  birdface 08:34 15 Jun 2010

Your last click here has no Security clearance from WOT.
It does not meen it is a bad site just one that I would be careful as to what I downloaded.

  theDarkness 23:49 15 Jun 2010

ive now succeeded in getting xp to look like vista.... safely! the tool for xp is rainmeter which you can get if you click here
the vista style (to add to rainmeter) if found if you click here

- rainmeter doesnt install, you just unzip, cut and paste the folder to your usual 'program files' installation, then create your own shortcut for it to your desktop. If you run rainmeter at least once and then close it (right click on it from the sidebar on the bottom right of your screen and choose exit), itll have created a new empty folder in your My Documents called "Rainmeter".
you can then unzip the vista skin "VistaRainbar4602.rmskin" and copy the folder to there. using 7zip or winzip should work ok (open with).

- If you run rainmeter again for the second time, u should find a new "vista" skin options (or your custom named skin). you can now add its related tools from its "config > vista > skins" section.

- dont select any vista skins yet, first right click the rainmeter icon (bottom right of screen in sidebar) and go to "themes > manage themes". enter a name for your new theme (vista will do!). male sure "save as an empty theme" is ticked, and then choose to save. after that, you should see your new theme in the list, highlight it and then click on "load". youll then be able to add skins to your desktop by choosing "config > vista > skins". remember when you finish adding your gadgets, to save your finished them in the same section.

its working for me now, and no viruses :) it seems to be very popular judging by its forums, although some gadgets are not perfect (eg the media player gadgets works only if wmp is running in the taskbar) but apart from that, its very good-and I can download extra themes from fanatics in its forums :) thatll keep me going until I update to windows 7 or 8 one day. Ill say windows 8 within the next 5 years or less :O

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