Virus please..thankyou

  bof:) 11:17 30 Oct 2004

Hi All,

Neighbour suggested to friend who hasn't a virus checker to use AVG.

AVG found 'Trojan Horse Downloader Perfiler.A.' (This is now in the Vault within AVG)

Now, when the PC is booted up,she gets the following message

'C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32MSA64CHK.dll missing'

Is this message a result of the virus? Or could it just be coincidence?

XP Home is the O/S being used but I'm not sure if it's installed on the HD or the neighbours friend has an XP cd disc.

If either how do you replace the .dll file?

Or would it be easier to download the .dll file from a website? If so which one would be the easyiest for them to use.

Many thanks,


  VoG II 11:20 30 Oct 2004

click here

Try running Spybot click here and a² click here

  no-name 11:36 30 Oct 2004

bof:)it seems that the two are linked, see click here

Have you tried closing System Restore and then running AVG, because often these trojans hide in there?

  bof:) 12:00 30 Oct 2004

many thanks (once more) VOG. It seems that at bootup the message my neighbours friend is getting must relate to whats in the AVG vault.

I've sent her an email asking her to run the scanner and cleaner you pointed me to.

Many thanks for all of your help,,

  bof:) 12:06 30 Oct 2004

Hi no-name,

many thanks for your help. I was under the impression that once a virus was in the AVG vault, it was help seperate from the rest of the system/

This is why I couldnt figure out why the neighbours friend was getting the 'C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32MSA64CHK.dll missing' message at boot up.

I'll tell her to clear the vault, reboot and see if the message still appears.

System restore will be disabled.

many thanks again for your help,


  bof:) 12:07 30 Oct 2004

ps Housecall didnt detect anything.

  no-name 14:32 30 Oct 2004

bof:) if that doesn't work tell her to go into 'Safe Mode' (still with System Restore disabled) and run AVG again.

  bof:) 14:42 30 Oct 2004

thanks no-name....I keep forgetting about safe mode...cheers

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