Virus problem keep re appearing

  sugarbabe 12:25 02 Nov 2011

I managed some computers in a school and the teacher laptops have been infected with a trojan h virus. Mcafee detects it and so does malawarebytes i have quarantined and deleted but keeps re appearing. I have also tried to delete with killbox but access is denied. any ideas how to uninstall permanently a persistent virus

  eedcam 12:33 02 Nov 2011

Try removing it in safe mode or switch system restore of

  eedcam 12:35 02 Nov 2011

Ooops Missed an f

  sugarbabe 12:46 02 Nov 2011

Tried removing in safe mode but no luck. I will try switching off system restore. Are there any anti malaware programs better than malawarebytes that may work better??

  spuds 13:04 02 Nov 2011

Not sure if this might help?

I had a (supposed) Vundo 'H' trojan/virus (2nd link, which I haven't used, so take caution), which wasn't apparently causing to much harm, but became an annoyance and took quite a deal of effort to remove it.

You could try SuperAntiSpyware from or websites?.

  Les28 13:54 02 Nov 2011

You could try running RKill first and then run MBAM.

enter link description here

or alternatively get help at somewhere like this which is dedicated to malware removal

enter link description here

  compumac 14:10 02 Nov 2011

I had a friend that had this trojan and McAfee could see it but could not seemingly do anything about it. Emsis Antimalware was installed and removed it completely. Why quarantine it, why not delete it completely?

  compumac 14:12 02 Nov 2011

Plus I forgot to say that he had this trojan on a memory stick that was not in evidence initially and the friend was putting this memory stick back in and thereby reactivating the trojan.

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