Virus problem “IPSentry/ARProt32.dll" can I delete

  Jeecie 22:41 02 Dec 2004

RE: When is a virus not a virus “IPSentry”/ ARProt32.dll can I delete safely?

Hi Guys!

Long time since I last had a reason to post a new thread…

Basic info… I’m running Win 98SE, McAfee VirusScan v 6.02, Zone Alarm version, and the updated version of Spybot Search & Destroy 1.3 .

I updated my anti-virus software tonight & ran a full system scan (inc. heuristics)… the prog. detected 1x virus called “IPSentry” = an application extension file called “ARProt32.dll” located in the following folder C:\Program Files\Inverse IP InSight\BT.

I tried to clean the file twice but got a “clean error” message.

Before I decided whether to “delete” or to “quarantine” (quarantining is not something I’ve not done before and I am not entirely sure what this actually does for sure) I thought I’d search the web a bit for the filename, virusname and the folder too (to see what they all did and the gauge the potential threat / or to see if I deleted it whether I’d stuff up my machine in some big way!!).

I came up with precious little (here’s my Google Search for ARProt32.dll click here)… well little that made any sense to a normal bod like me...

So, I looked under the virus definitions for “IPSentry” on the McAfee website…but the McAfee website say that this is not a virus (see their webpage click here)…

…so to FINALLY get to my question for the intelligent folks that inhabit these forums… 1) Have I got a virus (Y/N)?…. 2) Is this a problemo that should worry me (Y/N)? 3) Do I need to delete ARProt32.dll & if I do delete it will the old machine (4+years good service the old girl has given me) go belly-up & can I fix-her?

Ta loads in advance for any help anyone can give me on this
From Jeecie :)

  stalion 22:48 02 Dec 2004
  User-312386 22:48 02 Dec 2004

quarantine the file first

If this has an adverse effect on the PC then put the file back

  Jeecie 22:52 02 Dec 2004

stalion... thanks for the link to the website... it appears to be selling some kind of product (which I've not heard of or used before)... was there a message you meant to attach to the link you posted - 'cos I'm confused

  Jeecie 22:55 02 Dec 2004

thanks for the tip.. Q: if I quarantine the file am I right in thinking that means the AV software stops my PC from using/accessing the quarantined file?

And... once quarantined if there are adverse effects then 1) How do I succesffully un-qquarntine the file in McAfee VirusScan 6.02, and 2) How would i tell the AV to ignore that file the next time it scans the machine?

  stalion 22:57 02 Dec 2004

Sorry I posted this for info for you so that you could see what you have .On the link you have posted it tells you how to remove it.But first I would follow madboy33©® advice.

  Jeecie 23:13 02 Dec 2004

Thanks... the link I gave (click here) doesn't give removal instruction for my version of the AV software (ahhh typical!).

So, I've now quarantined ARProt32.dll now.

And, in case canyone else is running the same version of AV I did this from the "Manage quarantined files" option i.) Main window of McAfee VirusScan v 6.02 > Pick a task > Manage quarantined files > Add [a file].
ii.) I then located the file and added it.
NB: I noticed on this same "window" there is an button to "Resore" [files} so if the machine grinds to a halt/falls over I shall be utilising the button forthwith!!

  Jeecie 19:37 25 Feb 2005

Just going through my old threads & updating them... so sorry it's so late to say thank-you guys!

I quarantined ARProt32.dll.

It no longer is botherin' my AV software.
Unfortunatly I get a "missing ARProt32.dll" press OK to continue message when I boot up my Win98SE machine... but hey I can live with that!

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