Virus Problem

  Phoenix40 23:39 08 Oct 2005

Hello i wonder if someone can help me.When i logon my internet tonight instead of getting my main NTL web page i get something called About Blank search keeps showing up on my main home page. My AVG antivirus scan says theres an Trojan Horse virus called Start Page 19.J.It asks me to delete it which i have done but the page still shows up and the antivirus scan still comes up with the same problem and i keep deleting it but it wont go away.And in the message bar at the bottom there is an RUNDLL message which says error loading c:\windows\temp\SE.DLL access denied.The AVG scan does mention that the SE.DLL file is an infected file as well.I think this file is the cause of the problem but i cant find it in the Windows Temp files.There is also a new file called Icasserv on my startup list on my desktop that wasnt there before i dont know if that is also to do with this problem i also cant find the file.I dont know how this got on my system when i had no problems earlier in the day i hope someone can help me soon thank you.I use Windows 98SE on my computer

  johnnyrocker 23:43 08 Oct 2005

do a google search for stinger and d/load to a floppy it will fit if you get the mcaffee version i think it is 3rd down disconnect from internet and run it should sort you.


  Phoenix40 23:55 08 Oct 2005

Hello thanks for your reply. I seem to have another problem now when i start my computer and its booting up i get two new messages now one says (error mprexe) and the next one says (error rpcss) what are these and how do i get rid of them.By the way what is that system called Stinger then how do i use it look forward to any replies thank you.

  SANTOS7 00:06 09 Oct 2005

click here
error message probably related to about blank
links explain exactly what the processes are
click here
click here
these will help..

  bvw in bristol 00:08 09 Oct 2005

click here will help you.

  SANTOS7 00:08 09 Oct 2005

click here
click here
hate it when links do not work

  ahales42 00:09 09 Oct 2005

try this
click here

  Phoenix40 00:56 09 Oct 2005

Hello thanks for your replies but im afraid they dont seem to have help so far and now ive got a more serious problem i decided to uninstall my AVG virus to stop it keep popping up on my internet sites and it seems to have affected my Windows explorer i now get a warning sign about Windows explorer and when i close it i am unable to get my desktop and my computer closes down can someone please explain in layman terms how to restore everything without me having to reset my whole computer again i would very much appreciate some help i can understand. I am going to sleep now and deal with the problem tomorrow thank you.

  andrew-196854 09:20 09 Oct 2005

try downloading this click here update it then start it up in safe mode and do a scan .how to start in safe mode here click here . also try this click here hope this helps sorry if you have already got the above

  Phoenix40 11:23 09 Oct 2005

Hello i am now unable to open my CD drive now looks like im in a right mess hope someone can help me thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:38 09 Oct 2005

i decided to uninstall my AVG virus

why when you knew you had a virus?

Download Hijackthis click here install into its owb folder and run it.

Post the log it generates at click here and wait for an answer.

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