Virus probable...has anyone else had it?

  Fateful Shadow 19:44 24 Oct 2003

I've just recieved an e-mail of "Administrator" (Yeah right!) and it has the attachment 'gmshmw.exe'

I'm curious, has anyone else had this? I've never heard of it before, and my AV didn't stop it. I'm NOT going to download it (all those ICT lessons finally paying off :P) but I don't know whether to tell Avast! or not. They may already have it!

So, anyone else know what this thing is?

Thanks :)

  ams4127 20:09 24 Oct 2003

Try a Google search for that file and see what comes up.

  Fateful Shadow 20:12 24 Oct 2003

I've already done that and nothing came up. It just said "Are you sure you didn't mean gemshow.exe?"

Thanks for the suggestion though :)

  Fateful Shadow 18:44 25 Oct 2003

I haven't found out what the program is, but I have found something out...

I went to see who the origonal sender was, and it was this person by the e-mail address of '[email protected]'

I went to the korteboskolan website and eventually stumbled upon this one page click here (go to "Personal" on the side and scroll down to Bruno).

If anyone in here can speak swedish and tell me what he does it might give me a bit more insight on what this mystery program may be.

Thanks :)

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