Virus / pop ups spyware etc

  postie 22:35 28 Mar 2005

Why dont computer sellers load anti virus progs and others such as AVG,Zone Alarm,anti spyware and anti pop up progs at the same time as loading on Windows they could all be the free progs and it would allow all newcomers to computing to be reasonably safe until they acquire enough knowhow on how to pick and choose the progs they prefer. It would't cost the earth as these progs are free anway or is this too simple an answer


  Kate B 22:39 28 Mar 2005

hmm, if I'd written some software that I meant to be distributed free among one-off users I'd be a bit miffed if big for-profit businesses were loading it on to the computers they were selling without me getting any financial benefit from that.

Perhaps the answer is some kind of OEM version of the various excellent free tools we all use - that way the people that developed the software would get the financial benefits, the end-users would get the software and hopefully the internet would be a safer place ...

  postie 22:46 28 Mar 2005

The attitude of free ware is to let people know that if they pay for the upgrade the buyer is getting a much better prog.

My attitude is at least it would stop viriior is it virus's from spreading in the initial start up with newbies, so if you think sensibly about it, its a good safety factor


  joethebow 23:24 28 Mar 2005

Could it be that the PC sellers want newbees to get infested with viruses and spyware? Then they can charge them a fat fee for geting rid of the crap?

Or could it be that they just don't care?

Or could it even be that the sellers preload the viruses just to piss newbees off?

I see no good reason that a PC that comes preloaded with windows should not have Microsoft Anti-spyware beta, AVG7 and windows firewall preloaded and activated. It would save so much heartache.

  postie 08:26 29 Mar 2005


Come to think of it, you could be right or maybe they haven't been told about all these infections,so if you don't know you cant be blamed,or is it the same sales person who taught them how to sell a computer
But as they say "ignorance of ******* ? is no excuse


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:58 29 Mar 2005

There are several companies that sell machines with all relevant software loaded eg McAfee security suite / Norton etc.

Most of the time the peope that buy these machines never even run a scan never mind update the virus signatures. Expecting the program program to work forever.

Education is required most children get IT lessons in schools but the older generation mostly just fumbles along.

We are all guilty of "using the tool but never maintaining it".

  Kate B 11:49 29 Mar 2005

Fruit Bat is right - people don't update the tools. Once again we have spent hours de-crudding a friend's computer. We'd installed all the tools and left strict instructions about updating and scanning ... and they hadn't done it, each claiming the other was supposed to have been paying attention.

They're buying new kit - we're recommending Macs which are mercifully much less prone to attack and therefore don't require the regular maintenance they found too difficult.

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