Virus or Worm

  topdraw 23:23 13 Dec 2003

Please help,

this thing is driving me crazy, I have Norton antivirus and every few seconds a Norton window pops up saying Outgoing email. It keeps trying to send emails out and the remote server keeps rejecting it. What do I have on my computer, I am running Win 98se.

  Forum Editor 23:31 13 Dec 2003

What does? When you say that the remote server rejects the mail, what does it say on the bounce message? Does it say that the address doesn't exist? What is the destination address?

Presumably you have scanned your hard drive with Norton AV?

I'm sorry to answer your question with several of my own, but some more information would be very helpful.

  topdraw 23:37 13 Dec 2003

Thanks everyone, Norton is scanning email messages as they leave but I have not sent any.

  topdraw 23:50 13 Dec 2003

Sorry, will try to answer questions better. I have scanned with norton (having updated it) but it could not find anything.
I do recall deleting a file in the quarantine folder and can only remember it being Kazaa related. At the moment the fault is not happening , I have just installed the microsoft security updates (14.3Mb).
There is no address that it is trying to send to other than it is supposedly from the sent folder (using ms outlook). I also remember the number 571 on the bounce back message (message varies).

  topdraw 23:59 13 Dec 2003

Thanks VoG, canard and ed I will keep you updated, (suprisingly it has not happened since I installed microsoft security updates and rebooted)but it has been happening for a few days now.

  topdraw 12:43 14 Dec 2003

Hi guy's,

unfortunately "it" is back with a vengance. A norton av window is popping up and scanning an outgoing email does not say to where or from where. All it say's is (outgoing email)norton antivirus is scanning your email message, underneath is the progress bar which sometimes goes to 100% and sometimes just disappears. Sometimes a bounce back message come and say's "Norton antivirus was unable to send your email message because your mail server rejected the message: 550 access denied...5219e04d30400564e9c18 etc, etc,or something to that effect.

  topdraw 12:47 14 Dec 2003

meant to say thanks in advance if anyone can help. I have tried all scanners and only one "the cleaner" found three trojans.

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