virus or spoof

  widdy 13:21 25 Jun 2003

I have just received an e-mail from a known contact advising me about a virus not seen by mcafee or norton and is spread via e-mail address book.

So called virus is jdbgmgr.exe

with a teddy bear icon.

Not sure if this is a real threat or a ruse to spread the virus further, by getting you to inform all your contacts.

any thoughts

  -pops- 13:22 25 Jun 2003

Teddy is a well known little pet in these columns. Leave him alone, he is part of Windows and may get very upset if you remove him.


  beeuuem 13:29 25 Jun 2003

Where has he been for the last couple of weeks - summer holidays?

It is hoax click here and click here

  beeuuem 13:31 25 Jun 2003

Sorry - second link should be click here

  widdy 13:51 25 Jun 2003

Thanks to all concerned.
not summer hols just out on the golf course.

  Belatucadrus 13:51 25 Jun 2003

Untrue, teddy is a ferocious predator who will devour your hard disk and spit the bits out through the PSW fan port at the back. If he should escape call the RSPCA. ;-)

Seiously if you get any messages suggesting that a virus can't be seen by anti virus it may be well intentioned, but it's almost certainly wrong, but do make sure your anti virus is kept updated.

  Confab 14:36 25 Jun 2003

There are viruses that change jdbgmgr.exe but this is not one of them. Just ignor the mail. An interesting thing happend to me recently with this very same hoax. A friend of mine received the mail and followed the instructions to the letter and deleted the app. He then came round to my house when I wasn't in and did me the "great favour" or removing the "virus" from my PC as well. What a great mate!!


  -pops- 14:42 25 Jun 2003

Anyone doing anything like that to my computers would quite likely not see tomorrow.

  goldenrulegeezer 14:01 26 Jun 2003

All well and good , but unfortunately I've had the same e-mail, and have removed teddy.
Can someone please tell me how to restore teddy back to his rightful home ? I am running XP home.

  JoeC 14:04 26 Jun 2003

See this article

Virus Hoax: Microsoft Debugger Registrar for Java (Jdbgmgr.exe) Is Not a Virus

click here

  goldenrulegeezer 14:09 26 Jun 2003

Cheers for that - I was worried because I can't seem to restore my computer since I took this off.

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