virus or spoof

  widdy 13:21 25 Jun 2003

I have just received an e-mail from a known contact advising me about a virus not seen by mcafee or norton and is spread via e-mail address book.

So called virus is jdbgmgr.exe

with a teddy bear icon.

Not sure if this is a real threat or a ruse to spread the virus further, by getting you to inform all your contacts.

any thoughts

  beeuuem 13:29 25 Jun 2003

Where has he been for the last couple of weeks - summer holidays?

It is hoax click here and click here

  beeuuem 13:31 25 Jun 2003

Sorry - second link should be click here

  widdy 13:51 25 Jun 2003

Thanks to all concerned.
not summer hols just out on the golf course.

  Belatucadrus 13:51 25 Jun 2003

Untrue, teddy is a ferocious predator who will devour your hard disk and spit the bits out through the PSW fan port at the back. If he should escape call the RSPCA. ;-)

Seiously if you get any messages suggesting that a virus can't be seen by anti virus it may be well intentioned, but it's almost certainly wrong, but do make sure your anti virus is kept updated.

  graham√ 14:13 26 Jun 2003

Good afternoon, Teddy!

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