Virus or something else

  iqs 17:50 22 Dec 2014


This may sound odd,but this is happening all the time.

I have a 46" smart TV,which has connected to it,my Blu Ray(off),PS4(off),AV Amp(off0 and my OUYA

When I switch off the OUYA,sometimes Im seeing Guardian of the Galaxy,making of or outtakes.

I thought,maybe I have a virus on the OUYA,I didnt install APK files from the net.

I have reset the OUYA twice,still happening.

Could I have a virus on the OUYA,even after the re-sets,or could the TV be connecting to a web site,or one of the smart apps. I have checked the above,there's no noticeable app,or browser be at fault.

I know this sounds odd,but please any advice is appreciated

Thank you

ps,I have formatted the USB drives which I use on the TV & OUYA

  Belatucadrus 19:57 23 Dec 2014

Don't know much about OUYA but as it's android based a virus seems unlikely, have you tried contacting the OUYA support centre ?

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