Virus Mania

  Frantic 1 10:49 28 Mar 2005

Hi, Its back, not only aboutblank but i have a RUNDLL problem. C:\windows\temp\se,dll This is stopping me opening Adware away which has the perfect cure to delete aboutblank.

Any ideas much appreciated..

  joethebow 13:45 28 Mar 2005

I don't think it's a virus, I think it's spyware.

Go to:

click here

and download the Anti-Spyware Beta. I have been using it for 2 months and havn't found anything it can't handle.

If the link doesn't work go to: and you'll find it.

  Thos 13:54 28 Mar 2005

Have I missed something? I use "about blank" for my home page in IE because it is a time saver rather than loading up with an unwanted ISP home page. I do this by choice going to "tools--options--general tab" and selecting "use blank" Presumably you can select whatever you want for your home page, but maybe you are saying that you have a virus which changes it back? Odd!

  VoG II 15:54 28 Mar 2005

click here

click here

Thos - yes you have missed something!!

  Thos 17:21 28 Mar 2005

Well, thanks! But I am no wiser.The link you offered did not mention "about blank". Does the "backdoor" worm affect the about blank page?

  VoG II 17:31 28 Mar 2005
  Thos 17:48 28 Mar 2005

That's better. Thanks.

  Eargasm 17:49 28 Mar 2005

Type "about blank" in the search bar to your left for a list of problems it has caused.

Removal usually means posting a "hijack this "log from click here and waiting for help from an expert.

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