VIRUS jdbgmgr.exe

  Noels 22:33 26 Jan 2003

Have just been warned about this virus which is not stopped by either Norton or McAfee. I had been infected. It is said ti lie dormant for 14 days before messing up your computer.To check for and get rid of it.

1. Go to start. Find or Search

2Type the namejdbgmgr.exe

3 Be sure to search your C drive and all sub-folders and any other drives

4 Click Find Now

5 The virus has a Teddy Bear icon with the name jdbgmgr DO NOT OPEN IT

6Go to EDIT on the Menu bar choose Select All to highlight the file

7 Now go to File on the Menu Bar and select delete It will go to the recycle bin. Empty the Recycle bin

8If you find the Virus you must contact Everyone in you address book.

Has any one more info about this Virus or is it another hoax?????

  PSF 22:35 26 Jan 2003

It is a hoax.

  woodchip 22:36 26 Jan 2003

It's a load of rubbish, its a windows file

  obbit 22:36 26 Jan 2003

confirm yes is a hoax

  TECHNODIMWIT 22:36 26 Jan 2003

HOAX, nothing to do with bugbear, love and keep teddy.


  PSF 22:37 26 Jan 2003

click here more info here.

  VoG™ 22:39 26 Jan 2003

C'mon Teddy, I know its late but click here

  Gandalph 22:40 26 Jan 2003

This is a bit old hat now. This one was sorted out Months ago. It's part of the operating system and not a virus.

  Noels 22:48 26 Jan 2003

Thanks for that. I thought I kept up-to date with all the threads on this Forum but obviously missed this one.

Thanks and regards to all


  Gandalph 22:50 26 Jan 2003

Anyone noticed the little Teddy beside the setupdebug file in Windows. Could be Northamuk's Teddy escaped.

  grad tom 22:00 24 Feb 2003

Found this on my system,will it affect Visual Basic Programming as this uses Java??
Grad Tom

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