is this a virus and if so which one?

  MoonChild22 00:35 25 Aug 2003

i have just logged onto my pc tonight to find that i have had abt 50 emails that were seemingly someone elses to someone else (does that make sense?) anyway they werent meant for me and i am getting them over and over again... and ppl are getting emails from me which i havent sent (well, they are getting a msg saying i have sent them a yahoo greeting when i havent, i also got this email... saying i had sent myself one)...
it seems to be forwarding everyones emails from their inbox out to everyone... i have since filed everything from my inbox and deleted everything from sent folder.
is there a good anti virus program i can get that is free? i have ran stinger again and nothing has shown up.
i am running xp on an hp pc.

thanks in advance,

i have also just switched my firewall on to see if that helps at all... please help

  krypt1c 00:44 25 Aug 2003

Try this AVG free click here

  krypt1c 00:47 25 Aug 2003

btw you say you have just switched your firewall on. Is this the one included with XP? if so you might aslo want to install ZoneAlarm free click here
I don't run XP but I understand it's firewall only blocks incoming access. This one will control outgoing access as well

  Forum Editor 00:53 25 Aug 2003

been infected by something - although from your description it's not clear what.

I suggest that you download the free version of AVG anti-virus software, which you can get from
click here

Once you have the software installed, run a full scan of your computer. You should uninstall any exisiting anti-virus program before you install AVG.

  MoonChild22 10:01 25 Aug 2003

Thanks, no more after this message last night, but i am installing the avg now. and the firewall, as yes i just switched on the one that comes within xp.
thanks again for ur help, ill let u know what happens x

  MoonChild22 19:39 25 Aug 2003

a friend who had the same thing and who actually was sending me emails got told that it was bug bear. but i have ran avg and nothing shown up i also had symnatec (spellin) bug bear removal tool but that said nothing. do u think my pc is clear?

  obbit 19:47 25 Aug 2003

click here

don't know if you tried this it's online virus check.

  harry_b 20:14 25 Aug 2003

Sobig spoofs the addresess found in the address book of an infected pc, you could recieve e-mails addressed to and seemingly sent by yourself, when they are originating from a pc that has your address, others may also recieve the e-mails with your name in the from field, only if you open any attachements sent by sobig will your pc become infected, your isp or the senders isp may scan its mail servers for viruses and remove the infected attachements before they reach you.

  MoonChild22 20:19 25 Aug 2003

i am running that online virus check now to see if it shows anything up my friend have 6 types of the bugbear virus on hers. i had it a few months bak but successfully quarantined it with norton and as i just uninstalled norton it has now definitely gone. i have now ran 4 different virus checkers and nothing has shown up so hopefully i am clear

  so3003 20:36 25 Aug 2003

Yeh sounds to me like you're being hit with the fallout of the Sobig virus, which takes infected machines' address books and sends out emails to everyone it can find, from everyone else - ie if you have 10 contacts, they can each potentially get emails from the other 10 and so on, so you get random junk and also lots of bounce reports from friends whose ISPs / firewalls etc block the incoming email virus etc.

So basically either you have the virus or someone with your contact details does. And if they have lots of friends who you know too..... just hope you aren't expecting any important emails soon.......

Viruses like these really are a complete pain in the @%$£!!!!!


  MoonChild22 20:44 25 Aug 2003

yeh too right they are... luckily i think it comes down to one person, and he has sorted it, so has the other who had it i havent had any junk for a while now, so hopefully its gone (for now) i now know for sure i dont have it and like i say, the two who do or did have gotten rid of it. fingers crossed. thanks for the links and the help everyone :)


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