Virus. Help please.

  Gibbons 03:37 19 Mar 2009

I'm pretty sure I downloaded a virus.

When I start my computer this female (russian?) voice comes on warning me about viruses. Then a program called privacy centre opens and starts doing loads of scans. It looks really dodgy.

What should I do? I can open task manager but all I get is a black background. No start menu or anything.

Help me please!!

  MrNewName 05:25 19 Mar 2009

Can you boot into safe-mode? Press F5 at start up until a menu appears.

From there you may be able to run system restore.

  eedcam 05:40 19 Mar 2009

You dont hav Macafee by any chance

  emily3543 06:21 19 Mar 2009

install anti virus and update the anti virus and run it in safe mode.

  skidzy 07:29 19 Mar 2009

Some programs and tips click here first try malwarebytes and Superantispyware

  Gibbons 16:25 19 Mar 2009

Cheers guys. Even in safe mode it came up. Didn't want to take any chances so I just reinstalled windows.

No didn't have macafee just avg basic.

  BigB32 20:06 25 Mar 2009

Hi all my brothers machine is doing exactly what Gibbons states with the privacy centre etc. I told him to get in to safe mode and do a virus scan from there but he says that he cannot get in to safe mode just a black screen appears nothing else ,he has Macafee by the way does any of you guys know where I can go from here.

Thanks for any replies


  jtt 20:53 25 Mar 2009

Gibbons: Personally, I think that re-installing Windows is the best thing to do if you know how to. Then you can be sure of getting rid of the virus, and possibly speed your PC up to by getting rid of the dross.

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