Virus help please!!!

  Edd1 19:33 18 Oct 2003

I think I have been hit with both worm Nachi and something called Losen or similar. Both on my C:/ Drive

I downloaded the McAfee Stinger, but that dosnt say I have it. I ran AVG anti-virus test and that found the Nachi on my DLLHOST.EXE file. It was put in the Virus Vault, but can not be healed or repaired.

I get virus msges saying that the Losen or whatever has infected a part of my computer, but my scanners cant find them.

With the Nachi Worm in the Virus Vault, I cant delete or heal it. The other virus, that my computer says I had, I cannot find with AVG or McAfee Stinger.
Thing is though, The last Losen, or whatever, Viruse warning came while I was offline, how can I get this offline?
Will a Reformat of my computer get rid of them?
Im in BIG trouble can anybody help?

  powerless 19:34 18 Oct 2003

Operating system?

  VoG II 19:37 18 Oct 2003

Assuming that you are running XP or ME, these files may be "stuck" in Restore Points.

Try turning off System Restore, scan to make sure they are gone, then re-enable System Restore. click here

  powerless 19:39 18 Oct 2003

Although you do not have to delete restore points to vanquish a virus is the said folder ;-))

  Edd1 19:43 18 Oct 2003

I have XP.

I already tried turning off System restore, but I still show no virus on sysyem. I have the DLLHOST in the Vault, but cant find the others.

If a reboot of my system would work, I have nothing on my system, seeing that my computer only had a reboot 4 days ago :(

  VoG II 19:48 18 Oct 2003

"I get virus msges saying that the Losen or whatever has infected a part of my computer, but my scanners cant find them. "

What is giving you these messages - AVG? If so it doesn't make sense that AVG then does not spot it/them when you run a scan.

Do you have any indication that your system is "misbehaving"?

  Edd1 19:57 18 Oct 2003

No system seems to run fine. Im not being removed from the net. I was planning on getting rid of the internet on Monday, but cant do that until his virus is gone.

Next time I get a warning, I will copy it down and post it here

  bof:) 16:51 26 Oct 2003

Edd1 have you tried running the 'Housecall virus checker'?

This is a website based checker and will scan your PC for virri that are on your pc on the day of your scan.

click here


  DAG88 17:05 26 Oct 2003

are you sure it is a real warning and not some pop-up advert

  bof:) 19:29 26 Oct 2003

also run the free 30 day trial of 'The Cleaner'

click here

it finds trojans


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