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  BT 09:30 06 Mar 2013

Just had a phone call from a friend in Coventry who has got a virus on here PC. She is disabled and relies it for shopping etc. The virus shows up as a picture of a Policeman and she's totally locked out. Can't even get into Safe Mode and doesn't have any discs.

Any ideas would be very welcome.

  BT 10:35 06 Mar 2013



Lots of useful info there. As you say I'm nowhere near Coventry but I've printed it out and will post it to her. She's phoned back to say she has someone coming to look at the PC this afternoon so hopefully it will be sorted, but I will leave the thread open for the time being.

  spuds 10:52 06 Mar 2013

I have just opened the last link from Jock1e, and attempted to download the emsisoft program from that link and page, with the result that the file is apparently corrupted or something?.

So perhaps best to try and get the download from bleeping computer download selection tab on their home page or direct from

Would mention the program is 224MB, about 5 minutes on 'average connection'.

  BT 11:21 09 Mar 2013

Problem overcome by reformatting Hard Drive. Unfortunately our friend is limited in what she can access and had to call in a Computer repair man, who took it away to work on. He managed to salvage her files etc. and then installed Win 7 for her in place of XP, and AVG to try to protect her in future. Only downside it cost her £175.

  RobCharles1981 15:04 09 Mar 2013


Had the right lines of removal there.

But in future there's a channel on youtube called "Britech09" and I can guarantee he covered that ransomware in a video!

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