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  babybell 09:03 17 Dec 2008

My friend has handed me his laptop and says there is 70+ Trojans on it and he wants me to get rid of them for him.

The main problem is I will not be able to get on to the internet on it to run updates so i need to download programmes on my pc then transfer them.

I like using Spybot but I know that it will not let you perform a scan until you have ran updates, which obviously i wont be able to do.

Can anyone recommend a couple of programs that do not require an update to perform a scan?


  MAJ 09:19 17 Dec 2008

I'm sure you realise that ALL antispyware/antivirus software need the most up to date definations to be effective, but I know what you're getting at. Try Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM) click here and Superantispyware click here Those two should let you clean most of the problems without updating, which will allow you to connect to the internet, if it's spyware that's stoppping you doing so at the moment.

  babybell 09:23 17 Dec 2008

I am aware of the need to run updates but my friend runs his laptop from a wifi connection at home and I am in work so cannot access the internet to run updates. Plus I'm sure my company would fire me for connecting an infected PC to their network! lol.

I will try the two you have suggested to see if that gets me anywhere.


  MAJ 09:30 17 Dec 2008

LOL I see what you mean about the work connection, babybell. Those two should clean most of them, although you should tell your friend to update and run scans with both when updated later. Installing Spywareblaster click here after cleaning would also be a good idea, it should keep a lot of nasties from installing in the first place.

  Sebsworld 10:57 18 Dec 2008

anti-spyware are for sorting out spyware issues, it wont necessary remove all your viruses.

I recommend downloading AVG click here
Some good info about viruses can be found here
click here

  tims31 11:31 18 Dec 2008


I had a few problems a couple of weeks ago with a couple of Trojans that AVG and several others just wouldn't get rid of. Eventually I used Avast Antivirus click here to get rid of these.
The best thing about this is when you run a scan if it finds a virus or Trojan it recommends a boot scan which enables the files to be removed before getting loaded up on a fresh boot each time. It took a couple of hours to scan the whole system but well worth it to remove these little blighters!!!
I had never had a problem before with AVG which picked these up but just couldn't remove them.
As you say you would need to download this and the updates but you could do this on your works PC save to memory stick and transfer that way?
Best of luck

  Belatucadrus 12:04 18 Dec 2008

Another question is how does he know it's got all these Trojans on, it sounds suspiciously like the sort of scam scareware warning you get from a rogue malware cleaner.
Here are some more portable tools that should remove the nasties:-
Dr.Web CureIt click here
Norman Malware Cleaner click here
Smitfraudfix click here
Malwarebytes rogue remover click here

  babybell 13:49 18 Dec 2008

I ran SuperAnti Spyware in Safe Mode and it found 363 threats, of which 30ish were trojans. Ran again after restart and some problems remained so I downloaded Avast and performed a pre boot up scan and this removed some viruses. I have now ran Avast in Normal mode and it finds nothing but SuperAnti Spyware is still detecting threats in the registry although it is not detecting anything in the memory or in the files.

What is the best way of removing the threats from the registry because everytime i remove the threats and reboot, the problem comes back?

  p;3 18:05 18 Dec 2008

You put avast on it but what, if any ,antivirus program was supposed to be already installed?

Have you yet run the Malwarebytes program ? This is a relatevely new malware program and is good and getting rid of lots of rubbish ..

  Audio~~Chip 19:28 18 Dec 2008

SuperSpyware Or PrevX.
Then I would suggest downloading a free 1 month trial of Kaspersky internet security.

Incidently, you have no strange icons hanging arround referring to AntiVirus2009? as this also damages the Task Mananger and other things but their is a reversal fix for this.

I would also turn System Restore OFF in System Properties and even better try and scan in Safe Mode. This gets where other beers Carn't reach. Safe mode scan will enable the deeper scan and better chance to rid the nastys.

  skidzy 19:54 18 Dec 2008

Some sound advice above babybell,however,DO NOT turn system restore off just yet.

Reason why;

Its better to have an infected restore point than no restore points at all.

For example if something does goes wrong while running an anti program,you have the option to restore back and start again.Turning off system restore will leave you no options.

Granted,some times its possible system restore needs to be disabled,but rarely if the correct removal procedures are carried out.

If you feel this infection has really got hold of the computer and the scans will not clear the machine,please have a look here about running Hijackthis and posted the scan log at a specialist forum click here

They will in turn ask you to flush the system restore points but only when they are happy to do so.

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