Virus help!!

  Madronwell 00:58 01 Jun 2005

I know this may sound very vague so apologies as unfortunately, I don't have much info to hand at this moment but a mate of mine has a virus on her pc, however, when she has tried to delete it, it doesn't actually delete from her pc. She also is not able to connect to the internet.

She has Windows XP. sp 1 and McAfee av.

Any ideas the best way to help? Anything would be greatfully appreciated :)



  Completealias 02:44 01 Jun 2005

Disable the system restore this will wipe any restore points incase anything is hiding in there remember to reactivate it once the computer is clean.

Clean out all temporary files on the pc run disk clean up start / all programs / accessories / system tools / disk cleanup and clean out all that it finds bar the compress old files to save disk space. At the run prompt type %temp% to take you to the temporary files folder clean out this as well.

Then rerun mccafee.

  Madronwell 01:42 04 Jun 2005

Cheers mate, shall give this a go.
Apologies if this sounds a daft question: when I type in %temp% at run prompt and the temp folder appears, how do I know what to clean out? I'd hate to get rid of something I shouldn't!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:52 04 Jun 2005

You can delete all in the temp folder. personally I would d/l Ccleaner from click here, run it and delete all it finds. Ccleaner does a better job of getting rid of computer dross and is very safe.


  PhiltheFragger 10:05 04 Jun 2005

How upto date is macafee,

If it is a few weeks old, may be best to download AVG onto another PC, cut it to disk and set it up as a temp AV.

Macafee is a sod when it comes to other AV products so I would go to Start. run. MSCONFIG. startup.

Take the ticks out of anything that says macafee (make a note so you can set them back later)
restart, scan with AVG,

Also you can download Adaware and Spybot ( both new builds) onto same disk and do a proper clean out

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