Virus from facebook??

  marieboardman 17:19 28 Mar 2010

I went to look at a link from a friend, didn't check the warnings, just did it - stupid!

Now my laptop is convinced I am perfectly connected to the inernet etc but now whe I launch internet explorer I get the error 404 page not found message.

What do I do?? I am such a novice with computers (hence opening a dodgy link from stupid facebook).


  ame 17:50 28 Mar 2010

Download the free malwarebytes from click here and run it. probably best to run it in Safe Mode - restart pc and keep pressing f8 button to get into safe mode and run a full scan

  marieboardman 17:52 28 Mar 2010

I can't access the internet from my laptop at all. Can I download it on one and transfer with a pen or anything? I've run a microsoft full scan and it said there is no spyware ar worms/lizards or whatever on my laptop??

  ame 17:52 28 Mar 2010

Sorry - go into safe mode with networking first. If you don'thave any antivirus software already and can't get onto the internet to download, download it onto a usb pen drive from somebody else's pc and then plug into your pc to run it.

  ame 17:56 28 Mar 2010

Another option is to use System Restore to restore your operating system to the state it was in before you clicked on the link. Again, do this in safe mode.

  marieboardman 17:57 28 Mar 2010


Have downloaded it (as far as I know) onto my pen.
No my laptop now abut I don't really know what 'safe mode' etc mean, really sorry, am allergic to computers!!

  ame 17:59 28 Mar 2010

All you have to do is start your pc and just keep tapping the f8 key until the screen appears asking you if you want to start in safe mode.

  marieboardman 18:01 28 Mar 2010

have done the safe mode thing and now I'm scared!! What's next??

  ame 18:04 28 Mar 2010

You will now see a very basic version of windows with limited facilities. Go into My Computer and access malwarebytes from the pen drive you have plugged in. There will be a setup or .exe file to click on to install and run it.

  marieboardman 18:06 28 Mar 2010

I've done the system restore thing first. Shall I still open the malwarebytes after it's restarted?

  ame 18:08 28 Mar 2010

Once installed, you may have to update the virus definitions of the software first by clicking on the Update tab, then click on Full Scan button once updated.

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