Virus encyclopeadia ?

  curlylad 01:23 10 Oct 2003

Hi folks , I've just downloaded and tried the free AVG antivirus , and after running it for the first time it found a virus.The name of this virus was EICAR_Test , the AVG successfully removed it , problem over but I'm curious and want to know if there is some sort of on-line encyclopeadia of viruses telling you what they are and what they do or destroy , is there such a site that provides this service?

  Djohn 01:30 10 Oct 2003

click here Try this one there is a linking the left of the page to all virus in alphabetical order. j.

  curlylad 01:51 10 Oct 2003

Tanx for trying Djohn but I dont happen to be able to read/understand Spanish !

  Djohn 01:59 10 Oct 2003

Don't understand! I've checked the link and it's in english. j.

  curlylad 02:05 10 Oct 2003

Djohn When I clicked the link you provided it showed me the virus list/encyclopeadia , but the description of the virus I viewed was in Spanish.Strange but true!

  Djohn 02:09 10 Oct 2003

click here Give this one a try, just checked the virus links and they are in english, ;o)

  Jester2K II 07:56 10 Oct 2003

Sophos - click here

EICAR_Test is a test file. Its not a virus and only displays a message when you.

More details here click here

Overview - AV vendors decided to make a file that their products would class as a virus and treat as a virus but wasn't one. This was so AV could be tested in a "real world" situation but without the dangers of having a virus on the PC. Companies can show staff what happens when their AV detects a Virus, if your system crashes you can check it still working OK by using the EICAR file.

See also this thread click here

  bowman 08:05 10 Oct 2003

Also maybe worth a read:

Learn about com­puter virus myths, hoaxes, urban legends, hys­teria............

click here

Hope this helps.

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