virus emails

  kingussie 19:36 27 Apr 2005

Sorry guys ,I know you have to answer this all the time but in the last two days I have been getting numerous fictious emails with attachments. I have norton fully up and it highlights them and of course I delete them without opening.
Questions...can I stop them coming in
where are they coming from
and when I try to delete them from my Delete box,the system freezes up and I cannot delete or do anything to them until I close the program restart and then I can delete. have not had these problems before but it is now neverending

  Technotiger 19:49 27 Apr 2005

Hi, where are they coming from? nobody knows - all over the net. Can you stop them, probably not, but your email program may have a Junk folder to where than can be directed, rather than your In folder.

Dunno what email program you are using, but I would recommend click here (free) and complete with automatic Junk/Unapproved Folder which is automatically emptied when you close Incredimail after use. I would not contemplate ever using any other email program.


  kingussie 20:18 27 Apr 2005

Using outlook express and yes I have a junk folder but how do I direct them their

  Technotiger 20:33 27 Apr 2005

I have never used Outlook Express, so am not familiar with how to use it, but the options within it should give you some indication. Either that, or someone else here will come to your assistance I am sure.


  Furthark 20:33 27 Apr 2005

Right click on the offending email, than select junk mail & then select what you want ti do with it.

  Bagsey 23:12 27 Apr 2005

Can you pickout some words etc that are common to most of these emails. If you can go to Tools, Message rules. Then set up a rule that identifies these emails and direct them straight to your deleted mail folder. You wont catch them all but even getting most will ease the strain a bit and make you feel better.

  g0slp 00:03 28 Apr 2005

Try Mailwasher from click here

It's free, & well recommended by many here.

I've actually upgraded to Mailwasher Pro, but it's not necessary.

One point about Outlook Express - don't have the Preview Pane in use as malicious script within emails can cause havoc. A good thing about Mailwasher is that you can check email content before it gets to your machine - the body of the message remains on your ISP's servers, & if you don't like what you see then you can delete it from there.


  p;3 00:06 28 Apr 2005

another way of going about things is to check the mail on the server itself; if you do not recognise the address , chuck it straight out before it even reaches your machine; I am just "converting" to using OE, and am still checking mails on server before downloading them to ensure that none gets onto my machine that is not wanted; I am also running mailwasher, which allows me to see and preview the mail and chuck it out if I do not want it;

as to incredimail as mentioned above; my brief "introduction " to it drove me nuts, and I for one would not recommend it to anyone;but choice is yours; but the use of mailwasher I DO recommend and was nudged into using it by some well-respected forum members ::)))

  Indigo 1 00:12 28 Apr 2005

A word about Mailwasher, don't use the 'Bounce' option. This sends it back to where it came (if it has a return path) and can trigger more mail.

I have used Mailwasher and found it very good at getting rid of spam and virus emails, so good that I now don't need to use it anymore, it only took a week or so to stop them coming.

  bof:) 01:25 28 Apr 2005

Hi kingussie, I also use the free version of Mailwasher. I was getting loads of unwanted emails when I used outlook express and spent time everyday going through what seemed to be an ever increasing email list.

Now with mailwasher, I just click it collect my emails for me. It sorts out possible spam and as your blacklisted list grows, it highlights in red every email that on your blacklist leaving you with emails that should be 'normal'. Any 'normal' ones that are unwanted you just add to your blacklist. Easy. You even have an option to set the emails you want to recieve as 'friend'


  kingussie 08:05 28 Apr 2005

sorry to be a pain but cannot find freedownload for mailwasher and keep getting directed to the subscription service. can you point me to the section for free download

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