Virus damage - the aftermath !!

  Ijustneedanswersplease 12:45 22 Feb 2003

A friend has downloaded an infected .exe file which (we hope) has been quarantined with Norton. However the computer is still showing a full hard drive and is at crawling speed. Before we wipe and reinstall win 98 can any one suggest a good web-based virus checker and/or how we can clean up the hard drive please ?

  anchor 12:56 22 Feb 2003

Try here:

click here

Its free.

  TECHNODIMWIT 13:11 22 Feb 2003

delete all partitions, and start from scratch, should clear any traces.


  tbh72 13:40 22 Feb 2003

I am with anchor on this one.

I have found house call to be unlike other virus scanner's in that it enable the user to print instructions to manually remove all traces of infections, as somthing's have to be done in Dos Mode serious viruses usually result in a computer being reformatted. I have found that with a little time and patience you can clean a computer without the need to re-install.

I guess it's a balancing act, sometimes viruses can cause enough trouble to justify reformatting a computer "Which will make it like new". But, if a computer was working fine before hand and you are happy with it's configuration it can be annoying to loose that configuration.

Hope this helps you make an informaed choice!

  jazzypop 13:49 22 Feb 2003

Assuming that Norton was kept up-to-date, and the virus was one that Norton new about, it is very unlikely that your problems are related to the virus.

Run the disk clean-up tool that is provided with W98

  Ijustneedanswersplease 13:53 22 Feb 2003

Thanks guys - gratefull for the info. we are trying to restore back to original but looks like this may be a long haul. Looks like this may have only infected .exe files. Do you think that taking off documents and mp3 files onto cd would be safe if we need to completely re-install ?

  Ijustneedanswersplease 14:01 22 Feb 2003

jazzypop - Norton did detect and quarantine the virus but I guess it must have done its damage before it was quarantined as the computer has only slowed to a crawl after it was detected. Win 98 has scandisk and SFC - do you suggest these ?

  jazzypop 14:12 22 Feb 2003

Hmmm - you may be right, of course, but I suspect another problem elsewhere - it is certainly worth investigating a few alternatives.

I was thinking of you using the Disk Cleanup tool at Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup first, followed by Scandisk, then finally SFC.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:44 22 Feb 2003

Can you remember the name of the virus. It is unlikely that a virus that Norton has caught would infect the computer and also unlikely that it would slow the commputer down. It would most likely mail everyone in the address book, convert your applications to DOS files or provide hilarious/odd messages on your screen at inconvenient times.


  wee eddie 15:48 22 Feb 2003

GANDALF <|:-)> and jazzypop are right. A while running the clean-ups will probably help but!

However over the years much will have accumulated on that drive.

Check that you have copies of all your primary software. Check the PCA site for the addons and odd programs that you need as extra's. Identify all the drivers that you need and take a note of where you will get them. Copy all your files and away you go.

Sorry for the check list, but a friend decided to format just before Christmas and hadn't got copies of everything he needed. Mind you his PC just flies along now. His HD was a rubbish tip of old downloads and fag ends of deleted programs.

  Ijustneedanswersplease 18:35 22 Feb 2003

well! we tried housecall (good site - thanks anchor),and no other viruses found. we cleaned up with all win 98 apps plus norton systemworks, and several registry check/restores. Guess what - its still crawling. The computer is only 6 months old with a 40gig hd partitioned to 30/10. Win 98 is on the 30 partition. The guy is a bit of a download junkie but can't believe that the virus didn't corrupt some of the exe files as most apps take about 2 mins to load.
Looks like this is a wipe it and start again (groan) unless there are any other suggestions ????

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