virus cosnsuming large bandwidth! !!!!please help

  immortalvortex 09:38 25 May 2017

One day i was exploiting some games and the antivirus had to be turned off in order to work properly.few days later i noticed that my bandwidth is being consumed in large amount like 5 gb in 10 mins since days past ,my background theme also stopped working and a black screen appears only on desktop with items visible only ,i also get error messages such as ms onedrive stopped working, and a sort of (maybe)windows update error,my pc is also a bit slower than it is .i checked my bandwidth while connecting to internet and it gets consumes alot but as i disconect and i see the usage as 0.00gb . I have windows 10 that was activated but needs to be activated . Please provide me with your feedback soon.your reply would be highly appreciated. That darn thing is ruining my pc

P.S Sorry for my bad language

  immortalvortex 13:35 25 May 2017

Ignore all other problem my problem is the virus that's consuming my data

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:47 25 May 2017

Turn on your antivirus and do a scan.

  MJS WARLORD 17:34 25 May 2017

not making fun of the person who posted this but let this incident be a warning to you all NEVER turn off av even if the game makers say their servers will protect you. as you mention large amounts of data usage make sure you hub is secure as somebody could have high jacked your connection.

many years ago i got a game called 2041 for pc and even though i had opened the box the branch of pc world gave me a refund because instructions to turn off av were on the inside. if you wonder why i mention opening the box , the law is a grey area and it says you are not paying for the games you are paying for the licence and that comes into effect when you break the seal on the box.... yes i can hear you all shouting what about steam downloads !!!

  Blazing_Boy 01:39 26 May 2017

There is no other choice than scanning the whole computer.

  qwbos 00:15 27 May 2017

Try an Eset online scan

  [DELETED] 00:54 27 May 2017

immortalvortex Your PC/Laptop is a Bot. Congratulations.

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