virus check second hard drive

  thicasabrick 18:10 28 Jan 2005

Hi, my sister has been connecting her computer to the internet
with no anti virus software at all. I think she has picked up a virus
(surprise surprise) so, my question is, can I take the hard drive out
of her computer, put it in my computer as a second hard drive and then
scan it with my virus checker (Norton). If so could anyone tell me how
to go about this. Thanks in advance for any help.

  Completealias 19:02 28 Jan 2005

You can do this yes but your sister could download a free a/v software package the two main ones are avast click here and avg click here both are good although avg 7 has been having a number of probs sending emails at the mo.

I would also recommended ad-aware click here and spybot click here

Also stinger found here click here which will search your sisters pc for worms

I would also recommend a firewall zone alarms is free and gets recommended click here there are other about thou

  thicasabrick 19:26 28 Jan 2005

Thanks for the reply Completealias, unfortunatly the virus I think she has picked up leaves no icons on the desktop, so she can't open any programmes. So could you explain how to do put her hard drive in my machine etc, etc.

  kandrews8098 19:49 28 Jan 2005

You could put this hard drive in your pc and scan it from there, as long as you've good and fully updated antivirus software installed, then it should detect any viruses before they possibly spread to your hard drive.

Just make sure you install it properly, making sure the jumpers and everything are set right, because you don't want to be booting from this hard drive by mistake, because any viruses will spread to your hard drive for sure.

  Belatucadrus 20:41 28 Jan 2005

click here is a small virus cleaner that can be run from a floppy disk.

click here is a more comprehensive tool that can be put on a CD. Both just clean and repair, once done they provide no protection and at that point add avast! or AVG.

Trend Housecall click here can scan and clean a PC via internet link, again provides no protection.

One thing that may be worth looking at if she's using XP is check that the 'Show desktop Icons' option is ticked in the 'Arrange icons By' drop down list. To see this right click on desktop image.

  thicasabrick 20:43 28 Jan 2005

Thanks all for your time and help, will try your suggestions.

  thicasabrick 20:58 28 Jan 2005

Belatucadrus, just spoke to sister on phone to tell her to see if "Show Desk Top Items" is ticked. She tells me right clicking on desk top does not work. Does this sound more and more like a virus.

  Belatucadrus 00:24 29 Jan 2005

Could be, but difficult to say from here. Try the virus cleaners first, see if they show anything.

  Completealias 13:47 29 Jan 2005

Hi there

Installing second hard drive

Remove hard drive and set the jumpers on it to slave this should be indicated on the drive

Open your machine and attach the drive on the same cable as your hard drive. The cables should only go one way but just in case a simple rule is red to red that is the red power cable is nxt to the red flash on the ide cable

Boot up your machine and enter the BIOS(there is a message display on bootup like press F2 to enter setup do this) Check that your machine is set to auto detect hard drives. Save changes and exit BIOS

Your machine should then proceed to bootup and your sisters hard drive should be shown in explorer as the nxt availble drive letter eg your hard drive c:\ cdrom d:\ etc.

Make sure you don't open anything on your sisters drive you should be able to just right click on it and there should be an option to scan ... for viruses. If you can't see it there just open Norton and run a full system scan.

  thicasabrick 15:15 29 Jan 2005

Completealias, thanks for all your help. Will now give it a go.

  Completealias 00:02 30 Jan 2005

No probs let us know how ya get on

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