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  Thomo1 23:17 08 Dec 2004

My cousin rang me earlier because her pc had slowed to a near halt and she couldnt access the net.

I nipped round and found no internet protection on the pc at all!!!!.........You no whats coming next!!

I installd my old Norton AV 2004 on the pc to do a check.

The results:
587 infected files
317 at risk files
564 damaged files

She said: "is that good or bad"???? (andrew giggles)

Anyhow to cut to the chase i told her to quarentine the items and follow the Norton recommended instuctions.

She has not deleted the quarentined items yet and the viruses still sit on her cpu. (she aint very cpu literate and altho i aint no hot-shot i have abit of no how on how to deal with the very basics)
I told her to close Norton and shut the cpu down till i can go around after work 2mo.

When i nipped round earlier i found the problem why she could not connect to the net.

Her default dial-up number had been changed!!!!!!! Alerted me straight away to virus!!! It has also changed her Username to connect to the net.
The only way i could get it back (she cud not remeber) was to system restore to Friday, before the probs happened) I got her passwords and usernames back and when Norton live update reset the cpu to install the updates all the changed settings had returned.

Her system stays at that now until tomorrow.

Do i delete the quarenteend items as norton say they have been repaired. Is there recommended actions always right?? And is it wise to delete the system restore points created??

I read previously on here summat bout safe made and scan cpu, etc then cuz virus manage to becum alive again thru restore???


  Thomo1 23:42 08 Dec 2004


should i just follow Norton recomeneded options and delete quarentined files??

also should i delete all the system restore points???

Also after deletion will crapcleaner remove any entries the viruses have made to the registry or will the AV software do this???

Ive never dealt with a mass of infections all in 1 go before!!!!


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