Virus Causing Automatic Log Off

  woodbexhill 11:02 04 Jun 2004

I turned my PC on this morning and before a desktop was displayed, I heard the log off sound and I was presented with the Windows XP User list. I clicked my name to try and log on again, it said logging on.. and all the other stuff, then I again heard the log off sound and I was taken back to the main screen.

I tried ctrl+alt+deleting to the administrator log on window, but if I try to log on as Administrator it says it cannot log on due to an account restriction.

Also, exactly the same happens if I try to boot in safe mode.

I'm almost certain this is the work of a virus.

Any help which doesn't involve "format c:" is much appreciated, thanks.

  BH34 11:06 04 Jun 2004
  woodbexhill 11:13 04 Jun 2004

How do you propose I run it if I can't log on?

  mezzanine 11:18 04 Jun 2004

how do you access this site if you cannot log on??? obviously you have access to the net via another pc, therefore why not download what is needed, save it to disk and run in safe mode???

  woodbexhill 11:20 04 Jun 2004

I'm on another computer, on the same network as the computer which doesn't work. And if you read what I've said about, you will see the same happens if I run in safe mode too!

  captain birdseye 11:27 04 Jun 2004

Not familiar with XP but can you access a command prompt and run Stinger from a floppy there?

  woodbexhill 11:31 04 Jun 2004

ill try...not sure if it's possible.

  woodbexhill 11:38 04 Jun 2004

"This program cannot be run in DOS mode."

  mezzanine 11:40 04 Jun 2004

good point, maybe i should wake up a bit before i start reading posts... sorry.

  woodbexhill 11:53 04 Jun 2004

What can I do?

Is this the symptom of any virus?

Is it possible to run a virus scan on the problem-computer through my network? THe network is still functioning as I can connect to it through WinVNC with no problems.

  ventanas 11:57 04 Jun 2004

It might be. All my network drives are available to scan in Norton AV. It depends whether your AV can see the computer without you being logged in. It may be able to. All you can do is try it.

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