Virus bombardment

  Grogan 22:53 08 Mar 2004

All of a sudden I am receiving a bambardment of E-mail messages containing a virus from people I have never heard of. So far Norton Anti Virus and Zone Alarm have protected me and I have been able to delete the messages.
The virus's are [email protected]
and [email protected]
I have Windows 98 and connect to the internet via ntl.
Can anyone tell me why this should suddenly happen and what I can do to stop it.
Many thanks,

  VoG II 22:56 08 Mar 2004

Just keep deleting them - eventually they will stop. Also, try mailwasher click here

  Belatucadrus 23:02 08 Mar 2004

As the address has probably been spoofed, it's just possible that the messages may originate from somebody you do know, so a polite circular to your friends suggesting they update their ant virus and scan their system may help. Can't do any harm anyway.

  Totally-braindead 00:01 09 Mar 2004

If the above ideas don't work might I suggest changing your email address, informing all you friends first of course.

  Jester2K 07:38 09 Mar 2004

except its one of your friends who has the virus so even if you change your address it'll probably start coming to the new one once the culprit puts your new address in their address book.

Just delete them.

  GBL 08:19 09 Mar 2004

I too get stacks of spam e-mails but as I use Mailwasher I can see them without downloading them, some are quite good these days look as if they have come from ligitimate scources the latest one looked like it had come from
I have no idea if these contain viruses as they get deleted or bounced etc.
For me changing address is not the answer, Mailwasher is a definate.

  Old Shep 08:40 09 Mar 2004

I think this problem is 'doing the rounds'. Last week I recieved 4 or 5 a day containing viruses. I bounced them back to sender but that did not stop it so just deleted them. I have not had any this week - thats tempting fate saying that.

  Jester2K 08:43 09 Mar 2004

DO NOT Bounce ANY messages. They almost certainly won't go back to the originator especially if its a virus thats had it address spoofed (faked). Most spam won't even return to the originator. It just adds to all the wasted bandwidth out there (imagine if ALL unwanted spamw as bounced!!)

Just delete.

  Grogan 09:05 09 Mar 2004

Many thanks for the replies and reassurance. I will remain on my guard and hopefully they will stop. All my friends have been circulated.

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