Virus Backdoor.Agent.B and Trojan Horse

  ronlove 12:00 06 Oct 2004

I run Norton Antivirus.
On startup I get a window telling me I have virus Backdoor.Agent.B and Norton cannot fix this.
I run Norton antivirus and it then tells me I have Trojan Horse but no mention of Backdoor.
1. Who or what do I believe..
2. What can I do about it ?

I have clicked on the viruses in the Norton bubbles but are completely lost by the pages of computer jargon.
Can someone please help?
Cheers Ron.

  VoG II 12:06 06 Oct 2004

Try running a² click here

  sheila.weston 12:40 06 Oct 2004

Ronlove, have you got rid of the trojan horse using a2?

I have a similar message from Norton, giving the path
c:\Program Files\Windows SyncroAd\WinSync.exe
which it says cannot be repaired by Norton.

I went into the Symantec website and there are seven pages of instructions on how to remove it - including editing the registry.


  sheila.weston 09:50 07 Oct 2004

I have got rid of my trojan horse using spybot - see other postings on this.


  OwenLotts 09:51 07 Oct 2004

Boot into safe mode and scan.

  ronlove 15:15 07 Oct 2004

Many thanks to all you good people.I normally run Norton A/V, Zone Alarm, Spybot and Ad-aware.I have had problems updating Norton and I think this is largely my trouble. I am considering loading PC-cillin. I have loaded A squared2, what are the chances of this ridding me of Trojan ? I booted in Safe Mode and on checking A/V I am told only Trojan is there. but on start-up I still get Backdoor.Agent.

  rawprawn 15:21 07 Oct 2004

click here This is Symantic response and removal tool for back door agent. If that doesn't work click here download and run this free scanner tur system restore off before scanning (Tick all drives when you configure the scan)

  Djohn 15:48 07 Oct 2004

Can't see which O/S your using but if its XP don't forget you will need to turn off system restore to rid the Trojan.

Right click, My Computer Icon/properties/system restore tab/un-tick. Turn back on again after removing the nasties.

  ronlove 14:50 10 Oct 2004

Many thanks to all. It is because I have got in such a mess with Norton and found it so difficult to understand and get in touch with Symantic that I first got into trouble. I tried applying Norton to the problem and was greeted with approx. 20 odd pages of completely indecypherable computer jargon. So I visited my local shop with an eye to buying PC-cillin, whilst discussing the problem a complete stranger came in and said that he had had problems with Backdoor and purchased AVG Anti-Virus, found it must more understandable and completely erased Backdoor.I therefore purchased a copy and am now rid of the pest. Many thanks again to all of you that tried to help.RonL

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