Virus Attack or did I enter the Twilight Zone?

  Steric 00:21 13 Sep 2003

On Thursday afternoon (11/09/03) Outlook 2000 went to download two emails from a person I know (standard set timed download with broadband). The hard disk suddently went crazy reading and writing but the two emails had not been downloaded. I had to use Ctrl, Alt & Del as I couldn't even get the Task Manager in Windows 2000 SP3 to load, such was the load on the SCSI hard disk. I manage to eventually stop it and decided to reboot and then went back into Outlook 2000 and tried again to download the two emails (who's a glutton for punishment). The same thing happened again. I stopped the hard disk after about 5 minutes of trying and rebooted yet again. This time I went to my ISP's homepage and logged into my email account from there and saw the two emails sized 67Kb and 1Kb from a colleague and deleted them. Everything seemed normal except when I defragged my hard disk today. I have lost over 4.5GB from my hard disk. The defragment progrmme is showing the majority of the hard disk as red which indicates fragmented, but it is unable to defragment it.

During all this time McAfee Virus Scan Online and Blackice Defender (Firewall) didn't register anything was happening. Plus, I wasn't able to download the two emails. So it might be nothing to do with the emails but I can't work out what happened? I've done a search for viruses for Sept 11, but found nothing really. I wonder if each address of the lost section has had a single small file added.

The OS is Windows 2000 fully updated and all security patches are installed.

Has anyone had similar problems lately?

I'm in the process of setting up for a full re-format and re-install to get my hard disk back - oh joy!

  El Mattador 15:11 13 Sep 2003

I saw a good tip in PC Advisor issue 97 - there's a download which will map out for you exactly what is on your hard drive, called DirGraph. i think the link is click here

but i am sure the article is on this website. Mybe that will enable you to find where those missing gigs have gone?

  Gaz 25 17:46 13 Sep 2003

It is hard to say, but if the e-mail had not fully downloaded then it suggests hardware.

Run a virus scan from click here which is free.

Also then run mailwasher, it helps protect from these things.

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