Virus attached to a home photo?

  ella33 11:44 23 Apr 2010

I think this is probably the correct forum, as it is a general one about viruses and how they become attached. OK, it is my own digital camera -not a phone--I think the make (Samsung) is probably irrelevant to the question. I recently became interested in photography, partly to send people pics and share, without anyone needing to print.

I have mentioned here before that I have Norton 2010 installed, which checks any new website I use or any download and regularly chucks out even "low threat tracking cookies". I emailed a friend 2 riverside pics. However, I had email from the friend to say they opened one pic but their internet security alerted them to a virus on the other.

I wonder if anyone can tell me how a virus became attached to one photo, when all photos were on same pc and camera, not used by anyone else, (I hadn't gone via photobucket) and all checked by Norton?

Sorry it is a long post

  MAT ALAN 11:53 23 Apr 2010

More likely to be a false positive, send the photo in question to someone else and see what happens...

  birdface 11:53 23 Apr 2010

Download and update the free version of Malwarebytes and run that and see if it finds any problems.

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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:00 23 Apr 2010

Its very easy to hide virus in pictures.

If your outgoing email is checked? it might not find the virus. until the picture is opened then found by recipient.

If you took the photo then transferred to PC to send by email, then you need to do a deep scan to be sure you have nothing lurking on your machine. Also scan your camera card and memory by having attached to PC and checked during scan.

Of course it could be their virus scanner comming up with a false positive.

  Sea Urchin 13:00 23 Apr 2010

Upload the photo file to VirusTotal - it will be checked with around 40 different programs and will provide an analysis.

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  ella33 13:16 23 Apr 2010

Thanks for the replies, all made useful points.

Mat Alan, I have sent others the pics, a week ago. This person (who has been alerted to virus was only last night, when they mailed me, so I am wondering if something "got in" in between times, I wonder if it would work to send them to own alternative email address?

These people did have a problem with a mega virus on their pc a few weeks ago, which caused some kind of system breakdown. They told everyone that they wouldn't open any mail they were not sure about, so they are being ultra careful.

I did put the memory card on Tesco's machine as I had a free prints voucher. Could the memory card have picked up a virus via the photo selection machine?

Buteman, thanks for the advice. I already have Norton 2010, between posting my question and finding your responses, I ran a full Norton scan and it found two "low risk tracking cookies", which it has removed. Is it possible to run Malwarebytes also? I will certainly give it a go if is not going to freeze the system having two scans. When I first downloaded Yahoo messenger, it came with Yahoo security and eventually I got a msg asking me to select that or Norton.

Fruit Bat, thanks...I have found that yahoomail automatically scans ticks all outgoing attachments with a "green tick". Hotmail, which I used last night, is supposed to scan but doesn't show it with a tick.
I will scan again with camera attached. I also wondered if viruses might be present when something is purchased?

Another thought I had was whether it is photobucket is known for viruses, although I wasn't using photobucket last night as it was necessary.

Thanks again, I will try the things you all suggested.

  ella33 13:18 23 Apr 2010

Thanks for that link. We posted at around the same time, so I hadn't seen yours then. Will try that.

  ella33 13:24 23 Apr 2010

Is it possible to upload a whole folder to VirusTotal? Like I have April2010, with a lot of riverbank photos on it. I could only upload one photo, do you do more at a time?

  ella33 13:42 23 Apr 2010

If I get the message completed with Results of all the scans as -, I take it that no risks were found? I will continue to look using the other methods though.

  Sea Urchin 13:48 23 Apr 2010

Yes, if they all come up negative then you can be very sure that there is no infection in the file. In fact even if 2 or 3 came up positive they would probably be false positives.

  Sea Urchin 13:57 23 Apr 2010

"Is it possible to upload a whole folder to VirusTotal?"

No - just individual suspect files

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