virus- arrgghhhh!

  Josquius 10:43 06 Oct 2008

Its finally happened, after years of safe computing my guard finally dropped and my poor little laptop has became infected with a system stopping virus. I'm using windows xp.

My computer looks to start up as normal however once windows appears you can see in the clock zone it says 'virus alert'- I'm not sure if this is the virus or my hopelessly ineffective virus scanner though.

Windows doesn't have time to entirely properly load before *poof* blue screen of death and restart.
Safe mode won't even load- it gets so far in loading up stuff then freezes and restarts.

Right clicking and trying to go to properties or opening the task manager is blocked by a 'admin'.
Oh, and its altered my desktop. Some things are gone and there is some shortcuts to various anti virus stuff I've never heard of. It teases me.

Can anyone think of what virus this could be and possible ways to sort it without reformatting?´- I never got a windows disk with my laptop so the only way would be to get a friend to do something somewhat illegal and then once installed to change the key code to mine...which I'm not even sure would work given that my laptop has the obscure windows xp media centre edition.

  provider 2 10:54 06 Oct 2008
  Josquius 12:11 06 Oct 2008

How do I get to there though? Windows restarts before I can do anything and safe mode doesn't work

  hiwatt 12:29 06 Oct 2008

Did you try last known good configuration?If not try that.You could also try a system restore from a command propmt by typing
c:\windows\system32\restore\rstrui.exe then enter and follow the instructions to restore to a previous date.Good luck.

  provider 2 12:50 06 Oct 2008
  hiwatt 13:17 06 Oct 2008

It sounds as though he's accessing this site from another computer as he's saying that he's getting the BSOD before the welcome screen.

  provider 2 13:47 06 Oct 2008

Looks like it , hiwatt ... always confuses me a bit, that ...

Anyway, he says he has no disc and I suspect he may not have made a recovery disc from the recovery partition either and clearly, it`s too late now.

It looks as if its a complete re-install but how that can be achieved successfully and legally, I don`t know.

  kalignorgna 14:08 06 Oct 2008

read this click here and follow instructions I don't know if there are any conditions that microsoft set but worth a go

  Josquius 11:05 08 Oct 2008

Well I\ve no idea what it was but its gone.
I booted up with a ubuntu cd and copied over vital files from my old windows install then installed a new one (with a friend's disk).
Its no longer MC edition but meh, I never used that anyway. The only trouble is it won't let me switch to english keyboard settings...I'll find a way though and its not a big deal.

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