virus after restore?

  dfghjkl 00:27 07 Dec 2004

hello all,a friend has an e-machines pc with xp and 2 restore cd,s,they have had no protection and is riddled with spyware viruses and anything going they have got it ready to question is will this be suffucient to rid the pc of all nasties,i have an xp disc so i know my way is permanant,but i just want to reasure them that a restore is enough?is it?
they have asked me to help them secure their pc,but i need to know i am not in for a suprise.
thank you,peter.

  Cook2 01:29 07 Dec 2004

Download the following:-

AVAST! av click here
AVAST Cleaner click here
Spybot S&D click here
SpywareBlaster click here
Sygate Firewall click here

Give them all a run and let us know the results.

  dfghjkl 18:14 07 Dec 2004

thank you Cook2,but i am not sure what you are getting at.are you saying not to use restore cd and try and clean up the existing xp installation?i wont get involved with this because it is 3 years old with no updates or any form of protection so there could be allsorts on there and i have not the time or the will to rid the pc of whatever might be deeply rooted in the registry etc.all i want to do is help my friend secure his pc when it is fresh,he cant reinstall xp but can restore to factory settings,will this be sufficient to rid the pc of all the nasties.
thanks again,peter.

  andrew-196854 19:28 07 Dec 2004

i would say yes it would get rid of your friends virus because the to restore cds that he has got should have xp on them and they should take it back to the state it was in when he got it , but if your friend has got anthing he wants to save i would save it to disc not forgeting to scan them with your antivirus you put on his clean pc also dont forget to remember passwords etc hope this helps

  Cook2 20:38 07 Dec 2004

Slight misunderstanding on my part dfghjkl. If you download all the programs I mentioned, all freebies, install them on his PC and go through them one by one. They should get rid of most of the problems.

One I forgot to add is CCleaner click here which should sort the registry out.

You can then download all the updates. Turn off System restore and run the programs again.

Switch restore back on and report back here if any problems remain.

Leave all the programs on his computer.

I just thought this would be better than trying to restore windows with the CD's.

  dfghjkl 20:43 07 Dec 2004

thanks,i thought it would be ok but i thought that i would be better to check with the forum first.
i just needed to know that it was clean before i started to secure it.
i have had to remove junk off mine after the kids have been using it and sometimes things can be very hard to remove,i have spent hours running all sorts of stinger,ad aware,spyware blaster etc and still had to resort to drastic measures.i get cynical about most of them because they all seem to find something after they all say that everything has been removed,untill you use the next one and guess what,it finds something,untill you use the next one etc.i know they are free so i cant complain,and yes i use them also but my pc is automaticaly updated by microsoft,symantic,etc and the usual freebies.and that is how i will set my friends up.fingers crossed.
thanks again,peter.

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