Virus after reload

  eljanno 14:57 21 Nov 2006

I have reloaded a friends comp for him, I put his antivirus software back on for him and everything else, now he says the AV (norton) is saying he has a virus and he is getting pop ups. He said he doesnt think his 17yr old son has been on the comp but I know I did a full install. Is there any other posible way to get o virus or is there something I should have done on reload. The PC Has been reloaded twice by me and quite a few times by others in its life but his son will keep going on sites that he should not be on.

  Jackcoms 15:01 21 Nov 2006

You say you did a "full install".

But did you also do a complete format of the HDD before re-installing?

  MichelleC 15:02 21 Nov 2006

Or could be a boot sector virus in which case rebuild the boot sector too.

  Belatucadrus 15:06 21 Nov 2006

Or they may be reloading files from a backup and one or more of these files may be infected.

  eljanno 17:15 21 Nov 2006

I did a full format, I am not reloading files from a backup I did a clean install.
How do I rebuild the boot sector.
I have been told it could be in the memory but seeing that ram is read only I doubt that can happen.

  birdface 17:33 21 Nov 2006

You would have thought Norton Would have got rid of it,If its norton 2006, You get a free upgrade to Norton 2007,If you are on IE7,Tools turn on pop up blocker,If he is still using windows firewall,It may be better changing, click here?"hi%20di%20hi" this one is free.

  woodchip 18:16 21 Nov 2006

It only needs one file from a Floppy. Like E-Mails etc that was saved before the cleane install. To be reloaded

  gudgulf 18:43 21 Nov 2006

Was Windows and all software,including Norton fully updated before you gave the pc back?

Did you run a scan with Norton before handing the pc back?

From a complete fresh install the only way to get an infection back on the computer is to reload an infected file,open a dodgy e-mail link,visit rhe sort of sites that caused problems in the first place or install software that has "sponsorware" included.

Things such as messenger 3+ and many of the smiley sites will do this.So will many of the rogue software applications that people get tempted into using when online such as DriveCleaner 2006 or P2P clients such as KaZaA.

Those sort of things can bypass your security because they are allowed by the pc user.

I suspect that this has happened as a result of your friend and his son reloading the computer with all their programs after you gave them the pc back.

Have you looked at the pc again since they had the new problem? If so anything there that you didn't install?

  eljanno 21:04 21 Nov 2006

I didnt do the updates on Norton etc before giving the PC back because there was no ethernet card in it he uses wirless so I could not connect to the net. But I think what you say is correct about the sites his son has been on them again they have not had the machine back for 24hrs and I have to do it all again now. He did mention something about using something to clean up his drive, Thanks for that gudgulf, I thought its wasnt my fault.
Thanks again

  eljanno 00:04 22 Nov 2006

I tried that firewall but my incredimail would not work with it do you know how to sort that,

  birdface 09:38 22 Nov 2006

Firewall should have poped up to ask allow or deny Incedimail, You should have pressed allow,When you switch of computer, Then back on again, it should pop up again, Wait till it has all the numbers on it , Then press allow,If not ,open Comodo,Press Application monitor,If any of incredimail has red cross beside it,Click once on red cross, Go into edit at the top,When it opens, Change the block sign to open,Do that with any incedimail lines that have the red cross,

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