Virus and Ad-aware Problems

  robert22 13:39 02 Oct 2006

I had an popup regarding a malicious software on my pc and closed this using the cancel and not the X method, Ever since I seem to have been plagued with trojan Dialer32 virus and keep getting the same popup that seems to install some defender programme. I am running AVG and each time the Virus is detected it is locked in the vault and each time i delete the files. Then as soon as i use IE it comes back. As it's a dailer and I'm on Broadband it does not worry me but would like to get rid of the infected files or identify the source so i can remove it.

I am still getting the pop-up and have run Spybot that i thought would clean it but to no avail, Installed Ad-aware but during the scan this crashed and gave me a blue screen, logged back in and the got a Winlogon.exe error but ad-aware scan worked and then failed again. Uninstalled ad aware and all is ok but still keep getting the pop up and virus.

Any suggestions?

  Blaster Bates 15:32 02 Oct 2006

Get an exact description of the Virus from AVG descriptions, putting it in Virus vault AVG will create new file extensions but this will not remove it from the Registry and it will keep reappearing on Startup

Forewarned is forearmed so get info on it on Google search which will point you in the direction of removal tools, one site is Bitdefender which has a huge database of these pesky nuisances, download and run the specific one for your problem then scan with AVG then do it a second time to be sure.

Hope this helps

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:24 02 Oct 2006

1. make sure you have latest update for AVG

2. switch off system restore

3. scan with AVG and delete file

4. switch system restore back on again

  robert22 22:37 12 Oct 2006


Have followed the instruction and all is clear, Although have had a couple of other virus alerts which have cleaned sucessfully and pop ups that can't seem to clean, had nothing on this pc for nearly four years and then get these in two weeks. At least AVG is spotting them.

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