is this a Virus

  Spr 11:01 26 Apr 2014

I think I have been hit by Virus. When I go to open Office Outlook 2013 opening my mail the following pops up & locks Outlook the only way to close Outlook is ctrl-alt-delete. The first time this happened was Thursday from an Amazons e-mail &1 today from Samsung Here is the message I receive

Security Alert

Revocation information for the Security Certificate for this site is not available

Do you wish to proceed?

Yes No View Certificate

  wee eddie 11:32 26 Apr 2014

What Security Software do you have installed on the machine?

  spuds 12:43 26 Apr 2014

Answer wee eddie's question, and say if you run any scans on a regular basis.

If you put "revocation information for the security certificate for this site is not available" (the same message you gave in the introduction)in a Google search, it will provide a number of possible answers and solution. I have just done that, and there are far to many links to post here!.

  Spr 14:40 26 Apr 2014

My Virus checker is Kaspersky

  wee eddie 16:11 26 Apr 2014

which version?

  lotvic 23:06 26 Apr 2014

Try the settings as per on click here this page.

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