Is this a virus?

  geedad 20:37 09 Oct 2011

InstallIQ updater.

Is this a kind of virus? geedad

  rdave13 20:43 09 Oct 2011

Some info here.

Seems you have installed some software that uses InstallIQ for its updates.

  robin_x 20:54 09 Oct 2011

Certainly seems to be Crapware/Junkware.

An extra line of defence is WinPatrol This gives trusted pop-ups when other software tries to put an entry in StartUp folder or change HomePage etc. So you can deny them.

Unexpected pop-ups I Ctrl-Alt-Del and End. (don't click anywhere on them, not even empty space)

I thoroughly recommend WinPatrol alongside your normal AV.

  robin_x 20:57 09 Oct 2011

WP Free version of course

  geedad 21:22 09 Oct 2011


Thank you! That's very useful and I will be uninstalling InstallIQ. I believe it is responsible for lots of nasties. robinofloxley Yes, you assume correctly, and I will install the free version of WinPatrol. Thanks to you all again! geedad

  geedad 23:24 09 Oct 2011

robinofloxley I have installed WinPatrol. It has found 13 instances of Conduit Toolbars! I find that one of these is useful ( Translator), but is it safe to remove the rest? geedad

  robin_x 23:35 09 Oct 2011

I don't know. Disable them in WinPatrol and see if you get any problems or need them over next few weeks. They are easily re-enabled if so. Google each one to see what app it came with?

IOBit Uninstaller has a Toolbar category if you want to get rid of them permanently.

Or they may be listed in Add/Remove/Uuninstall in Control Panel.

Whenever you install new stuff, even from reputable sites, they do like to sneak these extras in. Don't just click Next, Next, Next. Look for the options you have to untick.

  robin_x 23:39 09 Oct 2011

Note: Disable or Remove in WinPatrol is for the StartUp entry only. It does not uninstall the whole thing as far as I know.

  geedad 00:09 10 Oct 2011

robinofloxley Thank you once again for your replies. Very useful indeed! I normally AM very careful when downloading stuff but a slight distraction means you miss the sneaky bits! geedad

  geedad 10:20 10 Oct 2011


I have uninstalled InstallIQUpdater. However, on doing a search, it shows the following: CPROGRAM FILES (x86)W3IINSTALLIQUPDATERINSTALLIQUPDATER.EXE.ndb followed by the same but _nbd.bak at the end. Should I uninstall these as well?


  robin_x 12:01 10 Oct 2011

Probably OK to Uninstall.

Or rename the folder XXW3IINSTALL...etc.

If some program wants to use it, it will say it can't find it.

Delete when sure nothing still needs it.

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