brindly 17:04 06 Feb 2010

Norton has detected a virus it hasn't removed called Boot Mebroot. It says "The master boot record of drive#2 is infected with the Boot Mebroot virus". I googled this virus and found how to remove it but they all involve using a windows disc, or something like that and a lot of technical stuff i just don't understand. Is there a simple way to remove this virus and is it important to remove it. Norton says it is "Low" I know there are virus and trojam remover programs but not sure what I should delete if they find other things. I have Spyzooker installed but they say they only guerd against viruses, didn't do very well with this one did they. Any help would be appreciated

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:33 06 Feb 2010

click here Mbam is supposed to remove it.

  Technotiger 17:41 06 Feb 2010

I take it you mean Spyzooka - this is a rubbish program IMHO, bordering on being spyware itself!!

I would get rid of it asap.

Download, install, update and run
the Free version of click here

Do the same with click here

Also make sure you have a decent Antivirus program (not Spyzooka) click here and also update do a scan with that.

  Sea Urchin 17:45 06 Feb 2010

Spyzooka (not er) looks bad news to me - I would ditch it. Also it is supposedly an anti-spyware program - not antivirus.

  Sea Urchin 17:47 06 Feb 2010

brindly already has Norton AV

  Technotiger 17:51 06 Feb 2010

Yup - 'fraid I overlooked that fact - anyway, I hope it is a later Norton, not the older buggy version that just about everybody hated!

If it is the older Norton I would get rid of that too!

  p;3 00:54 07 Feb 2010

What antivirus program have you now got installed ?

Did you yet run the full scans with Malwarebytes and Superantispyware?

Any results to share with us?

  brindly 11:29 07 Feb 2010

Hi, Thanks for the advice. I have run malwarbytes twice and it didn't find the Boot Mebroot virus but it did find 2 that appear to be the same:HKEY=local-machine\software\microsoft\security centre. Bad (10 Good (0) should i remove them. I scaned c,d and g drives. I also installed Windows defender?
Do you think it has done the job, if so I will mark this resolved.

  brindly 11:35 07 Feb 2010

should have read Bad (1) Good (0)

  brindly 12:22 07 Feb 2010

I have just used Super Antispyware, it found 179 problem cookies etc, didn't see the Boot Mebroot virus among them. I removed or quarentined them, hope that was right. I will now shut down and re boot. So I have Norton. Spyzooka, Malwarebytes and super antispyware. I wil wait to see if Norton finds this virus next time it does a scan.

Thanks for your help and I will mark this resolved.

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