Is this a virus

  wobbly76 14:56 16 Jul 2006

A friend of mine has a laptop with XP and SP2, every time he starts up the screen is normal when the lid is only slightly open but when he opens it fully everything trickles to the bottom of the screen and disappears.
This sounds like one of the early virus, but would it seem tbe normal when the lid is a little bit open?


  Belatucadrus 15:09 16 Jul 2006

Sounds more like a screen cable connection problem.

  wobbly76 15:43 16 Jul 2006

Thanks Bel......
not being an expert, I don't know how the stuff gets to the screen as there seems only a hinge connecting the two halves.

Cheers, w76

  Belatucadrus 18:24 16 Jul 2006

This is where laptops become a pain, as accessing the interior to have a look can be near impossible, it depends a lot on what make it is.
I doubt it's a virus as the switch mechanism on laptop lids is usually on/off it's not infinitely variable and as such couldn't be feeding back info to a virus.

  SG Atlantis® 18:30 16 Jul 2006

hardware fault.

  gudgulf 18:36 16 Jul 2006

Is the task bar still visible?

Could it be a "prank" program on the pc?

Have a look at the "Falling Icons" at the bottom of this list click here#

  cider country bumpkin 21:22 16 Jul 2006

I had a TV which did this every time it was switched to teletext. Turned out to be a leaky capacitor, absolute pig to find.

  wobbly76 11:11 17 Jul 2006

thanks all,
looks like a job for the experts.

gudgulf, as I understand it everything trickles to the bottom of the screen like sand, but not when it's a quarter of the way open, it only does it when openning fully, so I suppose it could be a hardware problem.

Cheers, w76

  Tony89 13:53 17 Jul 2006

It really sounds like a cable connection problem
If it is a screen cable connection problem, there are going to be times that you get really agngry with the laptop. I think there very annoying anyway when they happen to me.

  wobbly76 15:15 17 Jul 2006

Yeah, I think that's the problem Tony


  Tony89 08:53 22 Jul 2006

Sorted then :LOL:


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