virus ?

  pat-212841 11:06 12 May 2006

I think my computer has a virus when i start up the computer a black box with xpsf-exe comes on in a black box,i tried going into safe mode and last configaration but still it comes up ! i have acronis and put the 7 floppy discs in and the computer re - boots and that xpsf-exe still comes on .any ideas what to do please .

  Gongoozler 11:19 12 May 2006

I think XPSF is probably associated with a music playing utility. As far as I can tell XPSF is the XML Shareable Playlist Format.

  pat-212841 11:23 12 May 2006

Gongoozler ,ok i think your right i downloaded a program that said it could put the music from my ipod back on to my computer ,any ideas what i can do now ? i cant remeber what program it was now ,thanks

  Gongoozler 12:51 12 May 2006

Try Start - Run. Type in msconfig and OK it. Click the Startup tab. See if xpsf.exe or anything similar is in the list. Remove the tick from the box next to it and OK out of the boxes. Next time you boot up your computer, the program shouldn't start. You can easily put the tick back into the box if you want it back.

  pat-212841 13:29 12 May 2006

But i cant get into the computer i get as far as click my name then up comes that black box with xpsf-exe i cant get into any programs it wont go into safe mode the black box comes up . thanks

  pat-212841 13:36 12 May 2006

I am on a friends computer at the moment.I bought Acronis just in case i had a problem like this but that wont work either ,i can get into acronis but when it boots back up after putting in the 7 floppy discs it comes back up with the black box ! i have a friend coming round tomorrow who will wipe everthing off the computer and i will have to start again loading on all the programs which will be a nightmare .

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