Southernboy 11:02 13 Dec 2004

When I logged on yesterday, I got a message from AOL to say that my account had been suspended due to "membership violations". I telephoned them and discovered that over 200 spam Emails had been sent during the night.

Having got my account reinstated, I found the massive number of Emails in the "Sent Email" section, all headed ATTENTION, YOUR MORTGAGE APPLICATION, all under the Screen name used by my son. He doesn't remember it, but I can only conclude that he inadvertantly opened the Email, which triggered the action later in the day.

What concerns me is that we have Norton Internet Security which is regularly updated - how did it get by this?

I found the same Email had been sent to me, which I immediately deleted (I always delete any Email I don't recognise) and, so far no problem.

Can anyone tell me what more I can do to avoid this sort of problem? We have the XP Firewall switched off as we have the Norton Firewall enabled.

  john-232317 11:33 13 Dec 2004

Do a virus scan with norton, and download "stinger"

click here

Download and update....

Spybot click here

Adaware click here

  ChrisRLG 15:15 13 Dec 2004

If all that fails - and it might - to cure your problem. Try this :-

regester at click here

click the link in the email to activate your account

then get HJT from click here

unzip to its own folder, run it , scan - save log

copy and paste that log to click here

ChrisRLG - Proud member of ASAP click here

  Cuddles 22:20 13 Dec 2004

Have you got a firewall installed, there are free versions which can be found at click here or click here

  john-232317 08:13 14 Dec 2004

XP off, Norton on ;-)) maybe they should swop over ?

  Cuddles 21:48 14 Dec 2004

Personally i would turn xp and norton firewall off and go with sygate.

  Jeffers22 22:11 14 Dec 2004

It's hardly a firewall problem, more likely the culprit is a dodgy email that got opened releasing the virus. Having said that, a firewall should be smart enough to realise that 200 emails is a candidate for stopping and confirming.

  Southernboy 10:39 15 Dec 2004

I carried out two virus scans. The first one immediately I found out- result "no infection found".

The second one after I deleted all the junk mails, carried out Disc Cleanup and installed and ran AOL Spyware search software. Again, "no infection found".

Norton has served us well up to now, with the high security option enabled, whereas the perceived wisdom with the XP Firewall seems to be it is "better than nothing", which is rather faint praise.

I am grateful for all the replies, a bit confused with the multiplicity of the software suggestions. The consensus seems to be that it was a Trojan virus, but Norton is continually giving me Trojan alerts, and telling me it has blocked them, so how did this get through? More to the point, we pay over £30.00 each year to Norton for the Live Update facility, and it should not be necessary to buy other programs. I am not being mean, but I am puzzled why the program does not appear to have done what it "says on the packet".

Could it be a new Virus that Norton have not yet come up with an update for?

Strangely enough, the last up date I did was rather unusual. When dowloading an update from the Norton site, the Kb count kept going up instead of down, so I wonder if there was a fault?

  john-232317 12:53 15 Dec 2004

Antivirus proggies can only stop them when they know what they are, hence the regular updates on all AV programs. If you go on the Stinger page you can see a list of the virus`s it covers and its growing all the time....

Maybe yours was a new one that Norton Knew nowt about, and just goes to show if in doubt dont open it.

I have had free AVG for years and had no probs at all.

  Southernboy 15:43 15 Dec 2004

Of course, I didn't open it, my son did.

What is the way forward? Is there an Email address for Norton so I can pass the query to them to look into?

Mind you, surely it is Norton's job to be aware of these viruses?

Is it possible that, having sent all those Emails, it is no longer extant? Could it be that that was it's only function? We have seven screen names and it only seems to have affected the one used by my son.

I am going into hospital for surgery on Friday, so I shall not be able to do much about it until I come out.

  ChrisRLG 15:59 15 Dec 2004

I see hundreds of machines that the AV cannot get clean.

Do that hijackthis advice I gave you - post at Tom Coyotes - note that a new HJT version was released this morning now v1.99.0

Get the new version from here :- click here

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