Yorkie 1 15:46 01 Jun 2004

Hi !
My AVG has detected a virus, a "Trojan horse small". When trying to send this to the virus vault I get the message that it cannot be done as they can't move C:\RESTORE\TEMP\A0077651.CPY
How serious is this and how can I remove it please?

  sil_ver 15:52 01 Jun 2004

I guess you are running XP and what you are seeing is a copy of the virus in system restore. I'm not well up on XP so someone else will have to tell you how to get rid. You may have to disable System restore temporarily.

  Yorkie 1 15:57 01 Jun 2004

Thanks for tring,as a matter of fact I am running ME

  colberly 16:00 01 Jun 2004

Disable System restore, run a scan, then re enable system restore and scan again.

  rawprawn 17:51 01 Jun 2004

If by any chance colberly's advice doesn't work and it should, do the same again in safe mode.

  Yorkie 1 09:21 02 Jun 2004

I tied disabling System Restore, but couldn't see how to, so I tied using it to go back 1 month. That never worked as Sys Rest stopped halfway then came up with the message nothing had changed. HOWEVER, trying AVG again it seems I have lost my virus, so can I say a huge thank you to all who tried to help. Does anyone know just what "Trojan horse, Downloader small" Could be, or is that too general a term.
Thanks again.

  Lionheart ? 09:39 02 Jun 2004

Have a read.

click here

  colberly 09:47 02 Jun 2004

For future reference. To disable System Restore:-
(R) click on My Computer on desktop.
Then (L) Click on performance.
Then file system botton left.
Then trouble shooting top R.
Then scroll down to System restore and then tick the box System Restore.
To re enable go through the procedure again and remove the tick in the box.
Hope this clarifies the situation.

  colberly 09:51 02 Jun 2004

Forgot to say after you (R)click on My Computer the (L)click on properties before you follow the instructions above.

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