Yorkie 1 11:24 10 Oct 2003

Hi there you Wonderful Web Wizards
A friend of mine has a problem brought about it seems by replying to phoney e-mail purporting to come from Microsoft. Both Norton and AVG virus scans (both recently updated) insist that there is no virus present on the computer, however using the execulink e-mail system the computer keeps sending e-mails to itself saying the system is infected. Any ideas as to what is happening and how it can be cured?

  MAJ 11:58 10 Oct 2003

Download Stinger click here but before running it, turn off System Restore if you're using XP or ME. Then after running Stinger and getting the all-clear, re-activate System Restore. See if that clears things for your mate, Yorkie 1.

  Yorkie 1 09:59 11 Oct 2003

Thank you for trying but it seems my friend has already tried "Stinger" which came up with an all clear verdict, however the emails continue, I inset a copy below but for obvious reasoins have blanked out the address

From: b?????s<[email protected]????????>
To b?????s [email protected]????????
Subject: Fw: goldfish
Date: Thu,09 Oct 2003 18:12:43 PM
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 5.50.4133.2400
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
Maybe that will ring a bell with somebody out there.

  Jester2K II 12:22 11 Oct 2003

click here

Its possible that the virus is not coming from his PC!!

It could be someone he knows has the virus and its being sent out with your friends e-mail address as the sender to him.

ie Person A has the virus. It sends the virus to Person B with Person Bs e-mail address in the from field.

Usually the virus would go from Person A to Person B with Person Cs e-mail address in the from field.

I would also suggest he upgrades to IE and Outlook Express 6 - more secure.

If the AV says you are clear then all he can do i just keep deleting them.

  Yorkie 1 15:30 11 Oct 2003

I do believe the problem is sorted out now. Thank you for all your interest and help

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