Is this a virus

  hssutton 21:08 05 Sep 2003

A friend as just contacted me about the following.
when she goes online, she recieves this message after just a couple of minutes. "The system is shutting down, please save all work in progress and log off. This shutdown was initiated by NT Authority System".
Operating system XP Home. ISP Freeserve. Any advice would be most welcome. Apparently she has no virus protection.

  chuds 21:10 05 Sep 2003

All signs point to w32.Blaster or a variant.
Try symantec or mcafee for advice and cleaners.

  xania 21:12 05 Sep 2003

I assume the OS is 2000 or XP? Yes. MS Blaster. You need to download a security patch from MS website and a removal tool from Symantec or any other site. REun the security patch first - then the removal tool. Then get some decent AV software ASAP.

  Jonah1000 21:14 05 Sep 2003
  VoG II 21:16 05 Sep 2003

Apply click here

Then run click here

  hssutton 21:31 05 Sep 2003

Many thanks. Harry

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