Is this a Virus?

  lightfeet 07:37 20 Aug 2003

I am receiving batches of Emails from .NET Messenger Service Staff ([email protected]) with Subject: Important Security Update for the .NET Messenger Service. This morning I received 8 identical but thankfully I use Mailwasher so they haven?t been downloaded.
Is anyone else receiving these messages & could they be another virus?

  Foz1961 08:00 20 Aug 2003

I recently upgraded to xp and am now getting these messages wih regular monotony. I beleive they come from messenger, however I can't find a way of stopping them.

Any ideas would be apprieciated

  Jester2K II 08:14 20 Aug 2003

NET Messenger Service Staff wouldn't be using a Hotmail account - delete them.

  JoeC 09:08 20 Aug 2003

Could it be this ??

( Courtesy of click here )
This isn't spyware or adware. It's the messaging service built into Windows which is being used by spammers.(Windows Messenger - not .Net Messenger ).
To get rid of it,turn off the messaging service.
Windows 2000 and XP:- Go Start > Run > type in services.msc.Double-click on Messenger and in the Messenger Properties window, select Stop, then choose Disable as the Startup Type.Click OK.
Windows 95, 98, and ME:- Go to Control Panel and Add/Remove.Select Windows Setup.Select System Tools.Click Details.Uncheck WinPopUp.Click OK

  Jester2K II 09:10 20 Aug 2003

Nope - that doesn't result in e-mails.

  simonp1 09:15 20 Aug 2003

I must admit i have had a load in the last to days, i did open the first few see what it was about, but now i have been deleting you think i might now have a problem with a virus...everthing seems ok.

  Jester2K II 09:20 20 Aug 2003

It might be a virus, it might not.

I very much doubt MS staff would be using a Hotmail Account and certainly would be sending out 8 or so e-mails to people.

It just seems suspicious. Delete them and check MSs own site for any "Important Security Update for the .NET Messenger Service" that may exist.

  Foz1961 11:25 20 Aug 2003

whislt reading the replies to this i have had another message, it has the following

in the blue header box Messenger service

in the text box system alert to unsafe user, it then goes on to tell me how to get rid of it by going to a site!

these are becomming very annoying

  Ben Avery 11:27 20 Aug 2003

Set up a bolck on all emails coming from the domain ""

This should stop them.


  suzie005 11:37 20 Aug 2003

i had 12 of them yesterday.became suspicious after the second one and blocked the addy.thought it weird that i was getting mail telling me that i HAD to upgrade to a newer version.

  Foz1961 12:46 20 Aug 2003

the last message i recieved told me that this was posted my ms as these message are on the same range as the blasterworm.

i have gone to ms site and downloaded the fix for the blasterworm MS03-026. just got to shut down the computer. let u know if this makes a difference!

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