Virtual Tours

  Mugs9 16:49 24 Feb 2005

When looking at a hotels' web page I cannot open,or view their Vitual Tours.
Running Win XP pro and all the BBC cam progs run perfectly. Have no other problems at all with XP or internet.
Ron Morton

  cycoze 17:48 24 Feb 2005

What is the web site? it is possible that you will need to download or install either an activex or plugin of some description.

For instance this site click here requires the iPIX plug-in to be installed.

  sunny staines 19:12 24 Feb 2005

good site, I have now applied for a job there after clickink on the careers tab.

  sunny staines 19:13 24 Feb 2005

should read cycoze site

  Mugs9 23:10 24 Feb 2005

Thanks for your reply. The web site is
click here . I can see all the photos but not the virtual tour. All I get is a very small box with a red cross in.

  Salinger 23:14 24 Feb 2005

Looks like it might be a problem with the site.

  Mugs9 23:22 24 Feb 2005

opened up that site. Had to install plug in and all worked well but not at the hotel site. Could it be a problem at their end?

  Chegs ® 23:23 24 Feb 2005

I'm not sure what format the "Virtual Tours" photos are in(javascript?)but presumably your browser needs "educating" to enable it to view them.Either a plugin,or a cfg setting should get you going(just a thought,do you use a firewall? as I used to get grief from ZA Pro when trying to view one particular site)

  Mugs9 23:33 24 Feb 2005

I think the tours are in java script as that flashes in bottom left corner when closing. I only use win XP firewall and what is a cfg setting.

  Chegs ® 23:43 24 Feb 2005

cfg = configuration settings.

I was quickly flicking thru a website earlier,seem to recollect that M$ updates are removing java.Have you updated the OS?

" Microsoft Java Virtual Machine v1.1.4 Removal Tool - Download - Home Page
Auto-installing Spyware infections (CoolWebSearch) occurs due to exploits in Microsoft's discontinued Java Virtual Machine v1.1.4 (Build 5.0.3810). Infection occurs by simply browsing the wrong website. Java was originally licensed from Sun Microsystems but later modified by Microsoft. Microsoft's modifications to the Java code are the suspected reasons these exploits exist. There are no patches from Microsoft to fix this. To protect yourself uninstall MSJVM using this tool.

Notes - Windows SP1a and SP2 will uninstall MSJVM. However, it will not hurt to run this since it is possible for an application or person to reinstall MSJVM on top of SP1a and SP2.

Sun Java Virtual Machine v1.5.x - Download - Home Page - Test Page
Sun's JVM does not have these exploits as it was designed specifically not to allow code execution outside of the Java Virtual Machine. The Java Virtual Machine is only one aspect of Java software that is involved in web interaction. The Java Virtual Machine is built right into your Java software download, and helps the Sun JRE run Java applications. Windows XP SP1 and IE 5.5+ or Mozilla 1.4+ Required.

Instructions - Download, Install and then use the Test Page to confirm it is installed properly."

  Mango Grummit 00:45 25 Feb 2005

Works fine for me. Granery looks nice btw.

I think I've got most plugins available so I can't tell you which one does the biz. Oh, and more thing - the tours are in pop-ups so if you have a blocker on you will not get in anyway. Just a thought.

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