Virtual RAM

  hiwatt 10:42 21 Nov 2007

Hi folks,what's the best way to set the virtual ram.I only have 256mb of ram on my computer.Should I have it at system managed size or would it be better at custom?Thanks.

  anskyber 10:54 21 Nov 2007

Which OS?

  MAJ 10:56 21 Nov 2007

Better to install more physical RAM. click here Which operating system are you using?

Unless you're getting error messages about running out of memory, leave it at System Managed.

  hiwatt 11:29 21 Nov 2007

Sorry meant to say.It's windows xp.I'm not getting any messeges or anything it's just that the computer's a bit slow.I had it set at custom with initial=379 and maximum=512 and was wondering if I'd see any improvement at system managed?I want more ram but I done the crucial scan and it said they didn't have the ram I need?Thanks.

  MAJ 11:43 21 Nov 2007

XP will be dead slow on 256MB. What is the make and model of your PC and/or motherboard? If you don't know for sure you can find out by downloading and running Belarc click here

  Switcher 12:35 21 Nov 2007

Download PCwizard2007 that will show you what type of memory you have. Buy at least another 512MB. you are wasting your time trying to improve matters adjusting the virtual ram. However if in doubt just set the virtual ram to be managed by windows.

  Quiller. 14:01 21 Nov 2007

If you have enough hard drive space, then set the min and max to the same ammount. I would pick 1Gb or 1000Mb.

Type msconfig into the start > run box and pick the start up tab. Disable all except for your anti virus software and any third party firewall you have.

And get some more ram when you can afford to.:-)

  hiwatt 16:09 21 Nov 2007

Thanks folks.The type of ram installed is 256mb DDR pc1300.It's an AMD sempron processor 2600+ model.I'm looking to buy extra ram but just not sure what type I need as crucial didn't have any to match.Thanks.

  Quiller. 16:14 21 Nov 2007

Then you want to buy and install PC3200 or PC2700 ram.

  Switcher 20:02 22 Nov 2007

You should be able to get 512Mb of PC3200 for about £18-00. That will operate OK with your PC1300. But will all operate at the PC1300 speed.

  hiwatt 20:11 22 Nov 2007

Great.Now I know what type of ram I need,I'll get it on monday.Cheers folks.

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