Virtual private networking

  Bandy 12:25 13 May 2005

I have set myself a challenge of learning more about virtual private networking, and am enjoying my readings, and understanding most of it. However I have come up with a stumbling block that I can't seem to get my head around. Hence this plea for a pointer or two.

IP addressing is the area concerned.
Is a static IP address required to connect the host and client computers over the internet, and if so how is it obtained ?

I get the impression that it is not always the case, unless I’ve misunderstood some of my readings.

I think most ISPs dynamically arrange an IP address for each session and I can’t get my head around how another remote computer could discover that address.

I am obviously missing something each time I study this area and am beginning to believe my grandson’s comments about senility striking, albeit a little late.

Can you help kick me out of this rut I’m currently stuck in please

  TomJerry 16:48 13 May 2005

many ISPs (e.g. plusnet) offer static IP

  Bandy 21:08 13 May 2005


Thanks for your information, that's basically what I thought.

However I keep reading that there are only some 4 billion addresses for the whole of the internet and that ISPs are reluctant to offer static addresses, and those that do charge a fortune.

Other reading led me to believe that the way around that problem was through DNS and companies that offer this form of "telephone" directory for addresses, some of whom offer either free or paid for services.

I think I'm gradually getting there and it's keeping the grey cells active

  TomJerry 22:05 13 May 2005

you can get it free from many ISPs such as plusnet

  Bandy 07:44 14 May 2005


Thank you for your help, I'll tick this as resolved

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