Virtual OSes

  old-timer 14:46 12 Apr 2009

I have been trying out Virtualbox with satisfaction, as I can try different OSes with ease. However I want to put up a copy of my existing XP system to try new software in.

4PCs-in-1 seems to address this issue, but does not appear to let me instal a different OS.

Is it possible to clone my existing XP setup under VirtualBox?

Or, can I instal a different OS (ie different to my non-virtual OS) under 4PCs-in-1?

Or is there something that covers both camps?


  grey george 17:20 12 Apr 2009

This should help: click here
You can also download the full pdf manual from this site.

  old-timer 21:45 12 Apr 2009

Thanks George
I have downloaded the I must read it.........and understand it!

Another thought
I wonder if 4PCs-in-1 and VirtualBox would coexist on one partition. I guess it would make for one BIG C:\ and tax the memory a bit (I have 2GB) but it might be worth a try. Then comes the job of cloning it all for emergency back-up which might be a bit top heavy. The trouble is I am not sure if 4PCs-in-1 offer a trial version. Still, only one way to find out!

Or even run one inside the other ---


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