Virtual memory settings

  Flak999 14:08 24 May 2004

Hi, I have a athlon 1900xp with a 100gb hard drive 512mb of ram and a geforce 4 Ti4400 graphics card with 128mb of ram and am running win xp home edition my question is what are the correct virtual memory settings for optimum game play in Farcry? at the moment my virtual memory is set to 768mb

  SANTOS7 14:43 24 May 2004

click here loads of info here but for the amount of memory you have 768mb set for MAX and MIN is ok, mine is set to the same and i haven't had any trouble with memory allocation

  hugh-265156 15:10 24 May 2004

i have only tried the demo of farcry and after playing it the peak memory used as reported by task manager is around 650mb :-)

i only have 512 of ram and it plays nice on medium settings for me at 1024x768.there doesnt seem to be to much thrashing going on.

set to system managed size would be my guess and let windows handle it.or add some more ram if you feel you need to.

  Epocs 15:39 24 May 2004

I would agree with huggyg71, leave it to windows unless you are having problems. Virtual memory should idealy be rarely used so if you have problems with it should probably get more RAM as will improve performance.

  Graham ® 17:45 24 May 2004

Can you give a link to the FarCry Demo, please? I tried a few sites, they either didn't respond or wanted money!

  Flak999 18:40 24 May 2004

Thank you all for your help!

  hugh-265156 19:19 24 May 2004
  PSF 19:24 24 May 2004

You can find the Far Cry demo and loads more at this site. click here

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