virtual memory ram settings for 2 hard drives

  pookie 13:10 24 Jan 2005


1Gb ddr on xp home. i belive virtual initial and max settings should be set to the same value at approx 2.5 times ram size. when i had 1 hard drive i had initial and max both at value of 2500. no problems at all.

with second hard drive added if i keep initial and max settings at 2500 for both drives it totals 5000. is that too high or should i set each drive for initial/max of say 1250 each ie to total 2500.

hope that makes sense



  Jeffers22 13:35 24 Jan 2005

No need to change the size, it is still 2.5 timas RAM no matter how many drives you have.

  dan11 14:20 24 Jan 2005

If you have the space on your second hard drive, then place your virtual memory on that drive. Leave the C drive with no paging file ( 0Mb )

This will mean that the files on the C drive will not get to fragmented, by the constant shrinking and expanding of the page file. Yes, 2.5 times the size of your ram is fine for the whole system, but with windows XP, 3 or 4 times is no problem, but I don't think you would need that much with 1Gig of physical memory installed.:-)

To give you an idea, I am running 1 gig of virtual on a lappy with just 128Mb installed. This is on the partition of the drive and no paging file is used for C. click here

  pookie 13:18 25 Jan 2005

thanks guys and sorry for delay in reply


  Jeffers22 20:20 25 Jan 2005

No probs. Good advice re the page file onto D: If you are happy do the green box tick thingy.


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